Analyzing the performance of your web content with the Google Search Console Insights feature

Analyzing the performance of your web content with the Google Search Console Insights feature

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), Google Search Console is a free service that Google offers to webmasters to help them check their websites indexing in search results. It is meant to help to improve the SEO of websites. 

With this in mind, Google recently launched a new feature called Search Console Insights which aims to help SEO experts and marketers assess the quality of their content to optimize the performance of their websites.

Why is it important to use Google Search Console to optimize your SEO?  

Thanks to Search Console, the administrator of a website can check the frequency with which Google’s crawlers index his site. He can also know on a daily basis which keywords have led to visiting a site. Finally, Google Search Console helps administrators to generate a robots.txt file, suggest HTML improvements, etc.   

A Search Console API allows a massive collection of search data which enables to set up very precise analysis and cross-referencing with other sources. This type of resource is very useful for building the most relevant SEO strategy.  

As for the main information accessible on the Search Console, we find the following ones: 

  • Search: To evaluate the visibility of the site, the Search Console allows you to track the most important data regarding the number of impressions, the average position of URLs in the results pages, the CTR, and the number of clicks from the results pages. This data can be filtered by page, keywords, country, etc.   
  • Netlinking: This feature allows to evaluate the external links received by the site and the distribution of internal links, with the possibility of highlighting pages that do not receive enough internal links.   
  • Technical performance of the site: with Search Console you can evaluate the speed of page loading thanks to crawling robots that can directly explore the site. You can also receive alerts when Google has problems with indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.  
  • Pages Experience: This Google tool helps resolve issues with AMP content, mobile usability, and other search features, to offer a fast and reliable web experience. 

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How can you improve your performance with Search Console Insights?  

To help you consolidate Analytics and Search Console data, Google launched a new Search Console Insights feature last June, in the form of a detailed report, that helps you understand which content resonates best with your audience.  

Linked to your Google Analytics account, the insights interface highlights key trends that are based on visitors’ activity, to more easily analyze the performance of your content and identify the topics that interest your audience. 

As Google explains, whether you are a web content creator, blogger, or website owner, and regardless of your level of technical expertise, Search Console Insights can provide you with an overview of your content’s performance. This could be particularly useful not only for identifying your key audience trends to leverage but also for better guiding your promotional efforts. For example, you may want to consider boosting certain high-performing articles through paid campaigns.   

What content is trending, how are users discovering your website, and what queries are people using to access your site? What articles published on other sites are redirecting traffic to your site? You can answer all these questions and more with the Insights feature.   

Understanding how to get started with this feature  

To access Google Search Console Insights, you can choose between three methods:  

  • Go to this link to find the report:  
  • Go directly to Search Console, by clicking on the link in the Overview.   
  • If you are using the Google app on your iPhone, you can access it directly from the menu. Google is also planning to develop this service on Android.  

Note that you can use Search Console Insights even if you do not use Google Analytics. However, it is recommended that you link the two platforms to have a complete experience and accurate and relevant data on your content.  


Go to your Search Console tool if you want to evaluate and optimize your content for the best possible SEO performance. If you need help, our experts are available to guide you through the process.  

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