website budget

Our tips to estimate the cost of creating a website

  •   21 September 2023

Nowadays, having a strong online presence is essential for any business looking to expand its reach and grow its operations. Whether you’re a growing company, an independent entrepreneur, or even an artist seeking to share your work with the world, creating a website is often the first step toward achieving this goal. However, one aspect […]

New nFADP Regulation in Switzerland

New nFADP Regulation in Switzerland: Principles and Impacts on Your Digital Strategy.

  •   15 September 2023

In September 2020, the Swiss Parliament gave the green light for the adoption of the new Federal Data Protection Act (nFADP). This measure aims to align local practices with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) established by the European Union (EU). The primary goal of this law is to enhance the management of personal data while granting […]

4 types of Data Analytics

The 4 types of Data Analytics

  •   23 August 2023

In the digital realm, data has become a major asset, both commercially and financially. Consequently, collecting, storing, and analysing data has become a key factor for success in generating growth for any business in its market.

5 steps to optimize website conversions

Optimize your conversions with the structure of your website!

  •   9 August 2023

When it comes to succeeding in the world of e-commerce, it is essential to adopt a strategic approach to attract and convert visitors into customers. One of the key elements of this approach is the structure of your website. A well-designed and organized structure can greatly influence your sales funnel, making the user experience smoother and […]

data-driven strategy

What is a Data-Driven strategy?

  •   19 July 2023

The explosion, accessibility, and appeal of data have opened up new possibilities for businesses through their use in the field of marketing. Thanks to the valuable customer information collected, data-driven marketing strategies have emerged, radically transforming traditional methods.