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How to integrate ROPO into your digital strategy?

Have you heard of the ROPO effect also known as Research Online Purchase Offline? This approach is associated with the digital marketing strategy that links "web to shop" and "shop to web". It should not be underestimated because ROPO modifies the purchase path of Internet users. To integrate this technique effectively, companies should adapt their digital strategy to run in parallel with their in-store merchandising strategy. ROPO touches everyone today thanks to the democratization of the Internet. By conducting online research beforehand, the consumer will be able to gather a maximum of information from blogs, customer reviews, online promotions as well as from price and product comparisons. In addition to the fact that this increased search for information reassures the Internet user, it is especially used to give the Internet user the impression of making an intelligent purchase decision that specifically meets their needs.   

Gamification: a must to make your luxury brand to take off

Gamification is the application of game-design and game principles in non-game contexts. It is a way to enchant customers by making unusual interactions in a playful context. For example, integrating it into the act of making a purchase fun and adding an appeal of winning as well as a competitive aspect to digital marketing. It is also a way to make the luxury sector's reputation of inaccessibility disappear. Luxury brands are now using the mechanisms associated with video games as a new platform for customer acquisition and engagement. Gamification allows you to gain visibility, attract new customers, collect data, reinforce the brand's image and DNA, differentiate yourself from the competition and finally bring the customer to your store or to visit your e-commerce website. It is a real innovation where the creative possibilities are endless, in terms of format, message and aesthetics