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Mobile Marketing

If you are looking to reach a greater audience, generate new leads, increase your sales and build customer loyalty, the use of mobile web marketing and its different channels is ideal. It offers you many possibilities to reach your target audience including mobile advertising, responsive design, personalized SMS marketing, geo-targeting, etc. Although it has many advantages it has also created new challenge for companies. This is why our digital experts at Eminence will walk you through exactly how to integrate mobile web marketing into your global strategy and why it has become essential for your business.   

Increase the ROI of your Google AdWords campaigns with call tracking and conversational intelligence

Once you have launched Google AdWords campaigns with a specific marketing objective, you need to determine which ones are the most effective in terms of cost and results. This is why we advise you to optimize your ROI by integrating call tracking and conversational intelligence with your Google ads. Indeed, the combination of these two key performance indicators will help you understand which campaigns generate the most leads and therefore, allocate a larger budget to those that offer you more sales opportunities.