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This is a free digital tool allows you to manage your local SEO. Your Google My Business (GMB) profile shows your subsidiary or your company in local search results. This can help your potential customers find you more easily and make your brand more visible to them. With GMB your company appears locally at the top of the page, it

In a world without cookies, you would not be able to know who was visiting your website, what their behavior on your website would be, what pages they had consulted and what products they had bought. It would mean the end of targeted ads, retargeting and personalized offers. That is, unless the Internet user agreed to identify themselves when entering the website. This would also be much more time consuming for the user, as they would have to enter their details each time they consulted a website.   

The current circumstances, caused by the spread of Coronavirus, have accelerated the adoption of digital for many companies and the appearance of new digital habits. This is why we recommend you reorient your strategic approach to transform your business activities to meet the new digital expectations of your customers. How can you do that? Eminence helps you understand these changing needs so that you can adapt your digital strategies.