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Google Featured Snippet: how to use them to get more visibility?

Google has integrated more elements such as Rich Snippets, Quick Answers, and Featured Snippets on the results pages to offer its users the best possible search experience on the web and to provide users with better and faster information. In this article, we will take a closer look at Featured Snippets. On what criteria are they highlighted on Search and how can you leverage them to improve your online visibility?

E-commerce: why do you need Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is about implementing automated marketing campaigns that are triggered by a set of predefined conditions and based on user behavior. Whether it is an acquisition, retention, conversion, or loyalty campaign, Marketing Automation serves several marketing objectives and considerably increases the performance of your e-commerce. Discover in this article the advantages of Marketing Automation for your e-commerce and how to integrate it intelligently into your digital strategy, to optimize the performance of your campaigns.

Top SEO trends for 2022

SEO is constantly changing thanks to the ongoing evolution of Google algorithms. Understanding these evolutions’ impact on internet users’ behaviors and requests is fundamental, hence the need to monitor the latest updates. With this in mind, let's explore the trends to follow for a successful SEO strategy in 2022. Follow the guide!

CRM strategy

Today's consumers are volatile and less loyal to brands due to their high level of expectations and the increased competition in the market. To capture and retain them, it is essential to improve the quality of your customer relationship. In this article, you will discover some advice to define your CRM strategy, an essential solution to set up a sustainable relationship with your customers.

How do you develop customer acquisition strategy?

Did you know? Over the past six years, the cost of acquiring new customers continues to rise. Yet, even if the marketing budget has increased, customers tend to trust brands less. You can overcome this with the right strategy to capture customers' attention, create greater engagement and improve sales conversion. In this new article, you will learn the basics of customer acquisition to implement a quality strategy.