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White: design, color and culture

White is a bright, brilliant color that gives volume and solidity to objects. The use of this color conveys a sense of simplicity. White also allows other colors to stand out. Usually, the color white represents purity, calm, serenity, freshness, innocence, peace, light, and balance. However, this is not the case in all regions of the world. This topic will be treated later in the article.

How to boost the Click-Through Rate of your email campaigns?

It is almost impossible today to have an online business without sending emails. The biggest challenge in this process is not only to get a good opening rate but also to get people to take action by clicking on your email campaigns (CTR). If you want to increase your chances of improving the click-through rate of your e-mails, our experts share in this article some tips and strategies, that will help you get more leads and increase your sales.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The luxury market has been among the most resistant to shifting to online shopping. Although e-commerce has been booming for years, many luxury brands have feared losing their prestige if they moved to the Internet. However, COVID-19 gave them a reason to reconsider this position. Find out in this article how the luxury sector is changing thanks to e-commerce.

How to write a catchy newsletter?

A newsletter is an email that offers to readers who subscribed to it a list of your most interesting content, announcements, and promotions. It can be a useful way to keep your audience informed about your activities and also to gain traffic. Find out in this article the best practices to follow for a successful newsletter.