Make a difference with a digital content strategy in the automotive sector!

Digital Marketing Strategy for Automotive Sector

Writing content for digital media, creating videos or stories, and writing posts for social networks is an art and the automotive sector is no exception to this principle. Even if you are dealing with automotive enthusiasts. Indeed, the creation of content should not be left to chance and must obey precise rules if you want to stand out from your competitors.

If you want to implement a digital content strategy in the automotive industry, we will explain why you need to design a well-thought content strategy. We’ll also share with you our best tips and tricks for increasing your brand awareness and moving up in search engines.

Creating content in the automotive industry will no longer be a secret. Follow the guide!


Designing quality content: why has it become essential in the automotive sector?

Whether you publish on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as part of a blog, or on a website, each of your appearances must be built with consideration for the industry you’re in, your competitors, and the keyword research trends of the moment. You must therefore integrate a relevant, engaging, and up-to-date content strategy.

Content creation in all its forms helps you to be known by a wider audience and can considerably increase the traffic to your website or social networks and thus generate leads.

Not to mention that a good content strategy will increase visits to your car dealership and your points of sale.


In what form should you publish automotive content?

Social networks are a considerable source of data on the Internet users who follow you. Thanks to the data, car brands can achieve precise and qualified targeting, according to criteria that are important to you. Your publications will be seen by the targets you prefer. Be sure to publish posts in a form that interests your targets.

1 – Blog posts

Publishing blog posts on your website is a good way to attract leads and automotive enthusiasts. By regularly running research on the most searched keywords, you can adapt your articles to mention the most searched words or phrases. This way, you will always be on top of your game and your blog posts will appear on the front page of search engines.

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2 – Videos

Videos are a great way to showcase your company, your dealership, your brand in a dynamic way. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional to create good quality content. Once relayed on social networks, a good quality video, with good aesthetics, will have more chances to be shared and thus increase your visibility. The goal is that users associate your brand with a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing moment.

Don’t forget to adapt your videos to the medium on which you post it: a Story format on Instagram, longer video on YouTube, a short video on LinkedIn for example.

In general, car videos are a very good image vector and Internet users like to give their opinion and comment on them. Focus on a message in line with your positioning by creating, for example, content that meets a consumer need.

3 – Posts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn attract a driving age audience. With stories and videos posted, you can gain visibility and share news about your brand. Offer dynamic content that demonstrates the quality and reliability of your automotive brand. Keep in touch with your community, respond to their feedback, and spark their interest with open-ended questions. Accompany your posts with professional photos or videos and post regularly to keep people thinking about you.

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Tesla – A winning content strategy in the electric car sector

In 2035, car manufacturers will stop building new combustion and hybrid cars throughout Europe. Already by 2025, industry professionals anticipate that 40% of sales volume will come from electric cars.

The American car manufacturer Tesla, the forerunner in the electric car sector, succeeded in anticipating this trend by launching its first 100% electric car model, the Roadster 1, in 2008. Success was not long in coming and 13 years later, in 2021, Tesla had a turnover of 53.8 billion USD and employed just over 55,000 people worldwide.

The anticipation was not only in the production of cars but also in the way of communicating about the brand and the new models.

For example, since the launch of the brand, Tesla has seen the power of social networks to generate interest and increase awareness. Tesla was able to count on die-hard fans who in turn became brand ambassadors on social networks. Tesla quickly realized the importance of maintaining a special relationship with the brand’s fans by responding to their comments and questions. Tesla quickly succeeded in creating an engaged and enthusiastic community on social networks that has become an extraordinary advocate.

→ The importance of digital in the automotive sector

With 2.23MM subscribers on YouTube, 16.3MM followers, 10.3MM followers on LinkedIn, and 9.5MM followers on Instagram, Tesla has achieved winning communication on social networks.

Tesla posts the latest news, shares customer feedback, and showcases the latest models, all with the aim of generating excitement among its community, who can in turn praise the brand’s achievements.

All of the brand’s communications are carefully thought out with content that generates reactions and shares, high-quality videos, and presentations by Tesla’s owner, Elon Musk.

Eminence, your content creation partner for the automotive sector

The automotive sector has its own codes to be attractive on different digital platforms. The quality and aesthetics of the videos and stories posted are fundamental to appeal to a generally passionate audience. Our experts at Eminence, your digital marketing agency, offer you the benefit of their knowledge in the implementation of winning strategies in the automotive sector. For more than 10 years, Eminence has been the privileged partner of several automotive brands. Don’t hesitate to call upon our services to design your next digital content strategy.