Digital marketing: a way of communicating with your consumers

Nowadays, the web invites itself at all levels! Communication, strategy, business development, action planning, advertising campaigns, etc. The digital transition is part of every business step.

It is important to notice that digital marketing tends to favor the implementation of participatory marketing, which amplifies information spreading on the web while also using – by controlling or not - word-of-mouth as a viral marketing tool.

In addition, digital marketing aims to increase website visits, transform them into purchasing acts and build customer loyalty by creating a consistent relationship with customers.

You get the point! Digital marketing trends to build customer relationships by being close to your customers create sympathy and consolidating their loyalty, which will encourage a higher return on investment.

Eminence, your digital marketing specialist

Eminence, your digital communication agency in Geneva, uses all digital techniques in order to make your company visible on the web. Thanks to interactive digital tools, our agency guarantees you a maximization of your chances of being seen by your prospects and getting them to contact your company.

Our experts in digital strategy will put all their know-how at your disposal in order to increase your website traffic, to transform visits into purchases for e-commerce websites, to ensure loyalty of your customers and, finally, to influence and communicate with your target audience through your presence on social networks.






Eminence supports you in your digital marketing actions

SEO : Eminence is surrounded by indexing experts and ensures you that your website appears on the front page on search engines through the natural indexing (SEO). We are Google AdWords certified and partner and we can also do paid indexing (SEA).

Publicité en ligne : display, display video, search on Google or on social media, our agency sets up different types of advertisements just for you.

Real Time Bidding : In order to increase your return on investment, our experts put at your disposal the technology of Real Time Bidding. Thanks to this, Eminence ensures that you increase your traffic and your conversion rate by precisely targeting relevant users’ profiles.

Retargeting : Do not let a user escape from you! Eminence offers Retargeting among its many services. This recycling advertising technique allows to bring back on your website, users who left without getting in touch with you or who did not purchased.

E-mail marketing : Eminence ensures you use qualitative e-mailing campaigns. We set up an e-mail marketing strategy, offering you personalized designs and contents for your target audience.


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