News of the week ! Meet Decidz and Tagly

Decidz the Scottish mobile app

After the success of the comparison flight website called Skyscanner, the same Scottish trio is also behind this new and free mobile app called Decidz. What is it? It’s simply a new planning app. More than just a tool it was mainly created for people to come together. I guess we all know the struggle it is to organize and plan an evening with friends  Decidz will help you with it. It is available on iOS and Android. You can read more here.


Tagly the new app that make you choose what you want to see

Last week we reported the new algorithm that Instagram is cooking for your feeds. Usually when those changes happen there is nothing we can do about it. We just have to endure them. With this new app it is exactly the opposite. You control what you want to see and not the opposite. Tagly is made for fashion brands and lifestyle content on social media. Hopefully it will extend to any content. Available on both iOS and Android. Read more about it here.

Tagly launches for iOS and Android

4 Apple updates

Apple lovers this news is for you. Among all the new things regarding Apple there is new 4 updates. It has been proven that the screen brightest is not good for our brain. The new feature is available in your setting. You can now choose a warmer display colour. If you use tvOS there is something new there too like the possibility to make new folders, Bluetooth keyboard and more.  There is so much for a more detailed read the rest here.


Twitter is 10yrs old!

You can’t have missed it. It was Twitter 10th birthday last week. In this article from Fortune it is summing Twitter highlights and downfall during this past 10 years and wondering if the social media will be able to continue for another 10 years. Read the article here.

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