Digital News of the World

It is a prolific week. There was a lot of news. We could have talked about Instagram’s new pinch zoom in feature or the usual Snapchat new filters and options but we decided to go to the essential. Find here the News of the week

Facebook introduced Analytics for apps

It was announced last year during Facebook’s F8, Analytics for Apps. What is new? The new features are people insights, push and in-app insights, share insights and many more. Those new features are useful as much to know more about who is using your app but it also helps app developers to have insights about the app itself for improvement. Of course the new add up is a great thing for marketers are they would be able to adjust their. You can learn more about the new features HERE.


Add music, text and more on your Facebook Slideshow Ads

The previous Facebook update was for developers this one is for advertisers. The Slideshow Ad was introduced for smaller business. It is a simple way to add ad on your page without spending much time or money but the feature became very popular as it is used in more than 200 countries. Firstly Android users will be able to make slideshow from their smartphone. The iOS version would follow closely. You will also be able to add sounds and text for a better visual effect. You can have a more detailed list of the updates HERE.


Meet “Instant Video” on Messenger App

Keep texting your friends while live streaming with them. This is the new Messenger feature a pop up window will be on your screen while you are talking with your friends but at the same time you would be able to keep texting them. This feature has nothing to do with the already existing video calling feature and is more meant to be quick visuals that go with your existing conversations. You can of course read more about this new Messenger feature HERE.


Twitter DM button for website

It is maybe the end of the “contact form” we all know on professional websites when we tried to contact someone. Twitter new feature is a DM button you can have on your website. It allows your customers and maybe future customers to contact you directly on Twitter via your website. Not only it will work to contact your main company but also with persons. Could this new button compete with Facebook default setting for people to contact company through their Messenger App? Meanwhile you can read more about it HERE.