Don’t Miss The Digital News Of The Week!


To stay on top most of the main social media of the digital world keep their technologies up to date. This week again most of them came with their new updates for their users to enjoy and try new functionalities. In order for you to not miss anything Eminence put together for you the Digital News of the Week.

Mark Zuckerberg accounts hacked !

It happens even to the best. Mark Zuckerberg Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked last week. This is quite ironic. But in a more serious tone if Mark Zuckerberg’s own accounts could be hacked even if apparently his password wasn’t much secured, yours can too. In that matter you might want to change it and please avoid the “dadada” which was Zuckerberg’s password. Fortunately gives you good advices to secure your passwords in the safest and easier way.


Twitter’s app on Android gets simpler design

It has been testing for months now but Twitter approved the new design and made it available for everyone. With a simpler design you can swipe from left to right to have your profile tab or the other way around to go through your home, notifications, dm and more. The icons are also bigger for an easier and practical user experience. What do you think of the new look? For more about it check out The Verge website.

Gifs are finally arriving on WhatsApp

Already available on Facebook and Twitter if you were patiently waiting for a long time it is finally happening soon. When exactly it is not known but the next version should allow you to share gifts in groups and private messages. There will not be in-built gif library like on Facebook Messenger but GIFs will auto-play rather than being converted to small videos. Read more HERE.


Snapchat revamped its Discover tab

Snapchat has been and still is one of the new social technologies that is growing at a rapid pace. And their continuous updates to have a better product are no stranger to that success. During the week they have revamped their Discover section for people to find more contents they might be interested in. Of course it also implies the one from publishers. Knowing Snapchat has billions of views they couldn’t let them aside most likely the new design has been made for them. Added to the new Discover look users have also the possibility to subscribe to accounts they want too. The same way as Youtube. Want to read more? Click HERE.