Digital news of the week

Another week gone it means Eminence Dubai news of the week. It never stop in the digital world as there is almost news and update on a daily basis. This week we are talking about Facebook Live, Twitter and how local businesses in Dubai are using Google Street View to boost their SEO.

Facebook Live new update!

Is it because of last week rumours about Youtube Connect wanting to compete with Periscope and Facebook Live? In the next coming weeks the new Facebook Live feature will be available on iOS and Android. It is offering a hub for watching live and recorded videos in its mobile app. With this new update you can choose specific groups to who you want to show the video. New audience metrics with targeted numbers of view and viewers. You can read more here. You can also read another article here about the new update. Both are interesting.

Facebook live

Twitter new update to its conversion report

If in your social media strategy you use Twitter ads then there is news for you. Indeed Twitter reported that users who were exposed to ads that drove Web site conversions on both mobile and desktop were 52% more likely to make purchases than people exposed only on desktop. With that in mind you can see how this update is valuable. It becomes easier for marketers to check conversion on their website. What works and what doesn’t.  Read more here.

Illustrations Of Popular Mobile Apps And Social Media Sites

Twitter again…..

This time this new update is for everyone Twitter users. The use of private messaging has incredibly increased these two last years. So it was smart from Twitter to make an update about it. It will be simpler and the better part of it is bye-bye the 140 characters. You will be able to send GIFs and emoji. For sure we like very much this new update. Read more here.


When Street view help local businesses in Dubai             

You maybe never thought about it but with Google Street View local businesses in Dubai are sure it is helping their SEO results. Even if it is very known everywhere it is quite an emerging technology in this part of the world. While using Google Map it can link you to any business in the area. And with that specific photos of your office and/or  building. Sounds old news for some of you but it’s starting to be interesting for us in Dubai. Read more how it can affect your SEO in this Gulf News article.