Digital News of the Week


A lot of features and news this week. We didn’t put them all but if you look around you will find out about Twitter new feature for Business Account where they can add if they have a customers service. Youtube that improved their copyright feature and more. But we focused What’sApp new feature similar to Snapchat and more. Thanks for reading our News of the Week and don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks.

What’s yours is mine!

That’s probably what all social media are thinking lately. Snapchat took from What’sApp when they introduced their chat mode a few months ago. What’sApp is paying back Snapchat by introducing soon a drawing and stickers. The still beta version of this feature allows you to do the usual things when using stickers. There is also a new feature that allows you to share or forward message to people or to discussion chat. As it’s still beta this feature might never happens but it is for sure WhatsApp is testing new features. Read more about it HERE.


Control harassment on Instagram

This feature was only available for VIP’s accounts but we all know well harassment and abuse are common for everyone. No need to me Kim Kardashian for that. Finally the option is available for everyone since yesterday. Just go on your setting page and a new option called “Comments” will appear. If you tap on it you have the option to hide inappropriate comments and use keywords that will block any comments having those words. Maybe it will help Twitter to do the same thing as the platform is sadly known to be a place where abuse and trolls have free reign. Read more HERE.


Receive notification when people are streaming live on Periscope

It’s an old/new news. The feature was up a few weeks ago but it seems it disappeared of the option but it seems it’s back. Let’s be clear it’s an option that allows you to have the option to receive notification. It is exactly the same one as the Instagram and Twitter one to directly receive notification of who you want. So find it on the top-right-hand corner of account profiles, next to the follow button, and you can tap it to subscribe to alerts from that account—“all tweets,” “only tweets with live video” or “none.” Read more about it HERE.

Messenger has a secret chat room

Coder Chris Messina find out in Messenger code source about those Chat Room. But do you need to be a developer to access those secret chat rooms? Hopefully there is a direct link on website TechCrunch. Facebook already had a similar app in 2014 but was killed a year later. For what we can see those are public Rooms where users can chat about certain topics and interests. You can share the Room’s link to invite people. You can even start your own. It’s not sure the feature will ever be rolled for everyone but it’s somewhere in the coding. Would it be something you will be using if available?