Digital News of the Week

This week “News of the Week” is more about Facebook as there was not a lot to relay about the other social media platforms. But all in all it seems that they all keep copying each others. Facebook taking Snapchat Stories and now testing a similar timeline than Twitter. Twitter copying Facebook with their latest Direct Message feature. At the end as long as it is useful and working for users.

Twitter look like more as a messaging app

Direct Message on Twitter will look like more as any other messaging app. You will be able to see if your messages have been read, there will be preview for any link added and typing indicators. If you are wondering what typing indicators are?  It’s simply the little message you have while a person is typing and answering to your message. Some of those features can be turned off. Does Twitter is going to launch soon its own messaging app like Facebook did for Messenger? For more info read HERE.


After Snapchat Facebook is now copying Twitter

Look like some people are lacking originality at Facebook. After ripping off Snapchat Stories to introduce it to Instagram they are now adding a feature that might remind you of Twitter timeline. Facebook is still testing this feature called ‘What friends are talking about’  but what is similar to Twitter is it mainly collect recent posts from your friends and display them on top of your news feed. It is aimed for people to engage in more conversations. Does this will work? Find HERE more about it.


Facebook algorithm is flawed

And it looks like it is because there are no humans involved! Do you remember the Facebook (little) scandal when people were accusing Facebook to favour some political headlines in users feed? Right after that they changed the algorithm of the trending news but it seems it’s more flawed now than when humans were in charge. Celebrity gossips, misleading keywords or false stories are appearing in some case more often than some serious matter. It maybe looks like inappropriate but the algorithm is based on what people search then it becomes logical that’s what is happening. Read more HERE.