Digital updates of the week

Instagram will have business profiles and insight

But you will need a bit of patience unless you are in the U.S., Australia or New Zealand otherwise for the rest of the world the new business profile with its new tools will roll end of the year. It was still testing but it’s now official. There will be business profiles on Instagram. It’s a free feature for companies who want a business profile but with the new algorithm they rolled out the past week the struggle will be the same as Facebook. You would need to spend money on sponsored posts to appear on people feeds. On the plus side, at least there is one, there will be a free insight tool coming with it. You can read more on Instagram BLOG.


Twitter got a full user experience update on iOS

Let’s hope it will be available on Android soon because this new feature sounds very interesting and practical. User experience at its best. So this Pop and Peek allow you to preview any tweets, links, accounts etc. if you press further a related apps will pop. And if you the peek mode provides users with Report, Block and Mute tabs. There is nothing about the same update for Android yet. You can read more HERE.


Updates for Google Ads

This one is a bit older than the other news but it worth to be mentioned, especially if AdWords is part of your work.  Now you can choose the way you want to bid depending on which device you use, desktop, mobile or tablet. The text search will be enhanced. With the 25 – 35 characters lines it goes to a two 30 character headlines and one 80 character for the description. And the third one will be a responsive ad for display which automatically adjusts to the content. So many things but you can read more about  it HERE.


Facebook/Messengers many updates and news

  • Notify, Facebook’s App which gives their subscribers push notifications from their favorites publishers will shut down. But the technology behind it will be absorbed into other products mainly Messenger.
  • With more than 900 million Messenger users we more and more hear about new updates on the app. This time it’s Messenger’s emojis to have a more diversified which is reflecting more the real world.
  • DeepText the new AI tool Facebook will use to scan and interpret what you are writing in your messages. Big Brother is watching, certainly it will be the case but in another way it means it will also work with harassments and hate speech. Let’s see what will be the next level for this tool in the next years.