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News: Facebook launches job offers

This time, it is LinkedIn that finds itself in the sight of Facebook. Indeed, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg has just allowed a few pages to publish job offers on Facebook. This innovation would also enable them to manage the entire recruitment process.
Decidedly, Facebook really did not have cold feet. After picking in Snapchat’s ideas box, it’s now LinkedIn’s turn.For more information on this new Facebook feature that allows you to publish and manage job offers.

Instagram launches a new advertising format

After the Stories, Instagram again draws inspiration from Snapchat to put in place a new advertising format: the vertical format. Until then, Instagram offered advertisers square-format advertisements and horizontal advertisements. From now on, vertical ads will be added to the other formats.
If you wish to have more information, you can follow this link.


A new feature arrives at Pinterest

Pinterest is a well-known social media platform, which allows you to associate and discover products. This space also allows you to find many ideas. Pinterest has decided to improve its platform and add a new feature that allows you to keep track of products or ideas you’ve tried by checking it off.For more information, click here.