2×5 tips that will increase your property sales

augmenter le nombre de contacts sur votre site immobilier

Eminence recommends 10 essential tricks for real estate brokers who want to build their web page in order to attract and convert more customers.

A third of the people who decide to buy or rent property – your potential customers – contact their real estate agent via the internet. If you neglect your online appearance, you don’t fully exploit your potential. Having a solid, user-friendly website sensibly raises your sales.

Please beware: Only having a webpage does not do the job. The key to more conversion from your webpage is the optimization of your platform. Creating an attractive webpage demands a real strategy. In fact, you want to assure your online appearance is coherent, your portal can be used intuitively but at the same time, your content is well referenced on online search engines like Google.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency dedicates the whole month of July to give tips about the marketing strategy of real estate agencies. If you follow our recommendations, you have the potential to boost the numbers of contacts made via your webpage and thus to increase your sales.

Don’t forget one thing: A prospect surfing your webpage wants to find the information he or she is looking for as fast as possible. If he doesn’t succeed quickly enough, the user may find his new home on the page of your competitor. This is what you don’t want. What you do want is to convert prospects – visitors of your online portal – into customers.

Find here five recommendations about how to optimize your homepage in order to attract potential clients already on their first visit of your portal.

1. Put your most beautiful offers on a prominent position: Make sure the visitors of your webpage see different beautiful real estate objects flying by in a slide show once they enter your portal.

2. Don’t neglect the importance of filters and your internal search engine:

– Make sure the prospect finds the most important filters on the first click – namely on your “Home”-page. On websites of real estate businesses, those filter-options are very popular. Prospects can screen the properties they are really interested in, instead of having to look at the multitude of houses on your portal that they don’t want to see. Give them the possibility to filter out objects that lie in the desired price range, have the requested number of rooms, the optimal surface and are located in the preferred region. The more exact your filters work, the faster the prospect finds pertinent results – the more likely it gets that he contacts you.

– Furthermore, think of proposing a “search” possibility on your “Home”-page. Provide an internal search engine that allows the prospect to filter your content with a certain key word. For example: villa, apartment, swimming pool etc.

3. Integrate the function of an alert. This is how it works: The prospect defines his search criteria and enters his e-mail address. Whenever you upload a new object to your online catalogue, the user gets an automatic alert via e-mail – given that the new piece of real estate corresponds with his criteria. Following this strategy, you incite the prospect to visit your online portal one more time, given that he didn’t find anything interesting on his first visit.

4. Stimulate the calculus of the mortgage: This function stimulates the user to calculate the loan he would have to take up in order to buy the piece of real estate he is interested in. This additional service is evidence of your deep understanding of the market – thus you incite your prospect to trust you and eventually contact your agency.

5. Make sure the icons directing the user to your social network profiles are clearly visible. It is on those more unofficial platforms where you interact in a more relaxed way with your customers – a way of communication some people do prefer. Never forget to care about the community of your social networks. People having an emotional bond with your company are going to recommend your services and once they want to buy or rent property, they will come back to you.


Just in case you are wondering if you should really stuff all these functions on your “Home”-page: Well, yes! It is on “Home” where you best position them in order to optimize your online marketing strategy. This way you seduce your prospect, you facilitate his navigation through your offers and in the end you incite him to contact you. If the user does not find directly what he is looking for – that is if he does not succeed during his first visit on your website to find at least one object he is interested in – you risk losing a potential new client. Forever.


How can you convert landlords into clients?

As a second type of prospects, landlords who want to sell their property to a real estate agency or who want to confide their house or appartment to your administrative body must feel attracted by your web appearance as well.

Similar as for the group of prospect who want to buy or rent property, the accessibility of the information landlords are looking for, and the facility of navigation are the main points to keep in mind in order to build a successful digital marketing strategy with the goal to attract real estate owners. Thus, it is best to create an extra tag – dedicated exclusively to landlords. Describe the services you provide to them and offer them a contact form that is linked to the person in the team of your real estate agency who takes care of landlords.

Mark your collaboration with property owners on your “Home”-page – for example with a button directing the landlord to the tag that is made for him. With such a button you make sure they know with the first click that they find in you a partner of collaboration and in two clicks they find all the information they are looking for.


How to display your offers in order to increase your conversions?

To help you optimize the design of the page on which you display the different houses and apartments you offer, Eminence’s specialists of the real estate market recommend five more tricks that will boost your sales.

1. Integrate the location of the property you offer. Most people look for an apartment or a house in a certain neighbourhood, city or region. They might not have thought about the ideal number of square meters their new home should have, but usually they do know where it should be located. Make sure the prospect finds a map on your webpage on which he sees all the objects you offer at the moment. Additionally, the user should be able to filter the displayed properties according to this wish to either sell or rent, number of rooms, apartment or house etc.

2. The future of the real estate business lies in the video. Usually people want to visit a property before taking the decision to move in. A video is a good way of already giving them an idea of how it feels to be in those rooms.

3. Present the neighbourhood. Make sure the prospect knows not only the property he would maybe like to move into, but also its surrounding. This way you prevent unpleasant surprises for your clients once they arrive at their future houses or apartments. How to do this? Integrate for example Google street view into the presentation of your offers.

4. Don’t forget the contact form. Make sure you provide the possibility to your client to contact your agency at any moment. Once he discovered an interesting property on your webpage, he might not want to look for your e-mail address on other tabs. With a contact form at the side of each offer’s presentation, he can instantly leave you a message.

5. Offer similar property. For each apartment or house you display, add offers of similar pieces of real estate in a side box. This way, the user spends more time on your website for sure – thus you increase the probability that he might find exactly what he is looking for.


You see: In the real estate business, you need to do much more than just list the objects you offer in order to make sure your platform is user-friendly. And before you start remodeling your page, you need to establish a proper strategic plan. Your goal in the end is not easy: You want an easy to use website, you want to present your company and the property you offer in a positive way but you also want to create a page that is well referenced to be easily found with search engines like Google. Furthermore, your platform needs to be fast, graphically attractive and accessible in a user-friendly way from mobile applications.

As if all this would not be enough, today, everything needs to be super-fast. The visitor of your webpage will arrive on your portal with the mentality to not invest more time than just a few minutes. Eminence works with the rule of three clicks maximum: Internet users want to find what they are looking for after at most three clicks.

We know that changing your webpage in the way we recommend is a real investment. But just think of the effect of a doubtful web appearance: You miss a third of your potential sales because a third of your customers use the internet to find their new property. So what are you waiting for? Don’t lose time and improve your web appearance right now.

Eminence has reached a deep understanding of the real estate business in the last years. We have developed advanced tools to analyze and improve the digital marketing strategy of real estate agencies. If you wish an analysis of your online positioning by our experts of the real estate sector, don’t hesitate to contact us.


G.L. Junior Account Executive, Eminence