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The digital world follows only one rule: continuous evolution! To be in line with this rule, the main actors of digital give themselves fully to provide users with a new experience and a lot of novelties. Updates, new applications, new features … Eminence, digital agency, offers you every week the best news!

A new interface for managing comments and messages from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Good news for all community managers! Facebook will set up an interface to manage comments and messages from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Do you want to receive all your comments and all private messages on a single inbox?
If you want to have more information about the new interface set up by Facebook, you can consult this link.

Google sets up a virtual reality version of Google Earth

Google decided to optimize its satellite map tool, which was born 10 years ago, and which allows to explore the world. Indeed, the Mountain View firm has launched a new version of the earth satellite visualization tool called Google Earth VR. The Alps, Manhattan, Tokyo and plenty of other places, thanks to virtual reality, you can now travel to the other side of the world. Google Earth VR will be available from 2017 onwards.
If you want to explore the world with the Google Earth VR tool, find out all the necessary information by clicking on this link.