Google Pixel 4 – What are the pros and cons?

Google Pixel 4 – What are the pros and cons?

With the Pixel 3 released a year ago, Google has established itself as a name amongst the biggest smartphone manufacturers including Apple, Samsung and Huawei. With outstanding excellence when it comes to photo quality, it has become the standard for low-light shooting. So, expectations were high for the new release of the Google Pixel 4.

This week, Eminence, your local digital marketing pioneer, looks at the advantages of the new smartphone and its weaknesses …



  • The Camera:

With a main lens of 12.2 million pixels backed by a 16-million-pixel telephoto lens, the equipment allows them to offer impressive shots during day and night with a faithful transcription of colors, an excellent level of detail and precise management of brightness.

In addition, this new rear sensor allows you to get good photos even when zooming digitally into x8 and includes a high-performance night mode.

Portrait mode is also a strength as it allows   perfect management of the background blur.

The only small drawback for some: all the flagships at the moment have an ultra-wide angle, like the iPhone 11, Google preferred to capitalize on the zoom in feature and viewed that users need a powerful zoom more than a wide shot.


  • Face Unlock

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have incorporated 3D facial recognition technology like Apple’s iPhone 11 with Face ID. Facial detection works with two infrared sensors that project dots to create a “map” of your face. Google’s technology is probably not as secure as that of Apple’s, since it activates even when the user’s eyes are closed. On the other hand, it is much more efficient thanks to their Motion Sense technology based on the Soli radar chip. Simply by approaching the phone’s hand triggers facial recognition.


  • The Screen

It is undoubtedly one of its main strengths with its refresh rate of 90 Hz and not 60 Hz like the majority of its competitors. This is an important point for those who are impatient or gamers looking for more fluidity and responsiveness.



  • Android 10x

The Android 10 version is available on these new smartphones and has never been so fluid. So, on of the key points for the Google Pixel 4 which also includes a gesture navigation is that it is equally ergonomic and fast.

In addition, Android has two important and useful new features which are:


1 – The live transcript. It is is simple and very useful: after activation you will have the subtitles for all videos played on your Pixel 4, even if the sound is muted.

2 – Transcript. The dictaphone app is able to understand and transcribe live what you record


  • Double Speakers

Its stereo speakers are fully integrated to be used for the Pixel 4 in video and can be used without headphones thanks to the excellent sound rendition at optimal quality. To top it all off, the new black steel outline is very aesthetic.




  • No ultra wide-angle

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XXL rely on a single front-facing camera with 8 million pixels, while the    Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have a dual front sensor consisting of a main sensor of 8 million pixels and an ultra-wide-angle lens of 8 million pixels. We regret the absence of this ultra wide-angle rather practical in some situations.


  • Autonomy

Wherethe Pixel 3 offered a battery of 2,915 mAh, the Pixel 4 only  integrates    2,800 mAh. It is thendifficult topass the milestone of a day of use without having in his bag an external battery to finish the day.


  • Brightness

It’s just too low for a premium smartphone, and use in full sun isn’t optimal. The 90 Hz is also disabled to iron in 60 Hz as soon as one lowers the overall brightness of the smartphone.


  • Design

The smartphone does not offer a full screen, the black bar at the top remains prominent. In addition, face Unlock is the only way to    unlock it, as there are no more fingerprint sensors, and this choice remains questionable.





When it comes to the camera and zoom, high-quality screen and high-quality speakers and Android 10, this smartphone has real advantages and is very appealing. On the other hand, the fact that they do not have ultra-wide angle, nor an optimal brightness and above all a low autonomy could hinder your motivation.

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