How to build a successful Inbound Marketing strategy?

If you are curious and passionate about the latest technology you definitely heard about the Inbound Marketing! Is this a new trend? A “Buzz-Word”? An ephemeral phenomenon?

Everything suggests that this is another way of seeing and doing things and the Inbound is the core of any Web marketing strategy.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency, will help you assimilate this new vision and guide you through several stages so that you can be successful.

What is  Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound Marketing is a new online marketing method breaking with traditional marketing strategies that we used to deal with.

Instead of prospecting clients, spend huge amounts of money in advertising campaigns or to purchase databases, Inbound marketing focuses on a rich and interesting content: content corresponding to the expectations of the user.

by combining the content with the interests of the user, it will be much more obvious to attract even more traffic.

What are the steps and tools of Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound Marketing strategy can be summarized in four phases:

  • The acquisition:

The first step is to attract prospects ! The efforts of marquetry should be focused on the prospects likely to turn into customers. The goal is not to reach the greatest number of people but rather to have a high probability of conversion.

And so to acquire new customers we must learn to target qualified leads. This can be achieved through various tools such as:

  • Blogging: create a blog and treat topics that may interest your target is the best way to bring them to you. Having a blog highlights your expertise and reinforces your credibility.
  • SEO: or natural referencing. You have to put in mind that your potential customers often uses keywords for easy retrieval of information. These words belong to the lexical field of your industry. Then you have to appear in their search results. To achieve this, careful selection of keywords should be done. It should also be noticed that some words should be introduced as clickable links that lead back to other pages. It is a way to optimize your page.
  • The presence on social networks: Well yes! To attract your target be present where they are. Indeed your digital target’s profile varies with the nature of the product or service you offer. For example, if your target spends most of his time on facebook what are you waiting for  to be present there , to share your content on the groups and pages that your target subscribes? To get there, Profiling tasks should be done in advance in order to identify their interests and know where and when to find.
  • Conversion:

Once your prospects conquered you should to convert them into customers. This action is achieved by collecting contact information. It would be better to collect as much information as possible about your target to better assimilate their behavior. on this basis , you will make them an offer they can not refuse. This offer can be in the form of e-books or other information with very high added value.

Your digital marketing agency has selected the tools that will help you convert your prospects into customers:

  • Calls to action: buttons or links that encourage your prospect to take action. You should also act on the shape of the buttons, rectangles with rounded corners will be highly appreciated by visitors to your site, unlike the pill shaped or square buttons.
  • Landing pages:  Indeed when the user clicks on a call-to-action button he will be automatically redirected to a landing page. This is where the offer to the prospect can be realized as it will insert contact information and it is at this point that you directly come in contact with him.
  • Retargeting: This technique is intended for users who have already visited your site. The goal is to encourage them to come back to see your promotions with targeted advertising. This will allow you to stay in touch with your site visitors and have a positive and direct impact on your sales. To encourage the click, you can mention the reduction percentages on retargeting banners.
  • Retention:

Now that you have kindled the interest of your targets and converted them, you are on the right path. Retention is a crucial factor for growth. We must therefore ensure that in addition to hit the right target, you’ll be able to touch them at the right time! Your digital marketing agency gives you a variety of ways to achieve this goal :

  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system facilitating sales as it provides you fastidious and relevant information that will help you engage your target well.
  • Emailing: This technique is applicable especially when your visitor clicked on your button call-to-action , filled your landing page and downloaded your white paper but is not yet ready to become your client. A series of email will be sent to revive and express some good deals that you offer .
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score): The NPS is a questionnaire used to measure the satisfaction of your user. Often, following an order or use of a service, your customers will be prompted to answer a simple satisfaction questionnaire offering them the opportunity to note their experience (through a scale from 1 to 10). You will be able to obtain answers  and improve the user experience that  will inevitably  increase your retention.
  • Inbound Marketing
  • The recommendation:

This is the phase in which your client recommends you to his entourage. Indeed, it is a very effective form of viral marketing. But only a satisfied customer will recommend you . That’s why it is important to develop a strategy for post-purchase content.

You can offer for example advice or complementary services to products already sold.

You can also assign bonuses and discounts on the next purchase if for example he shares your site on social networks or if  he comments on your forum or on your Facebook page.

The establishment of the Inbound Marketing process:

The strategy of Inbound Marketing is a meeting point between different profiles. It requires the orchestration of various skills as to its implementation. Its success depends on:

– A web developer, a graphic designer and an referencer that will take charge of the technical part: site development, SEO, usability, etc.

– A journalistic training writer who is working on a relevant and rich information content.

– A Community Manager who will strengthen the digital presence and who will take care of social networks.

– A strategist project manager who is responsible for the harmonization of all spots and will ensure that the work is done in workmanlike.

Now that you have a clearer idea about the Inbound Marketing, Its time to build your digital marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is the future, so build your empire now.

Do not hesitate to consult our digital experts for advice, comment or suggestion.