Influencers, a particular stakeholder in your digital strategy

digital influencers strategy

At the time of 3.0 marketing, the Internet has become a competitive market. The establishment of a media strategy enterprise  is  essential for the functioning of your business.

Before choosing the communication channels you will use, you must identify your offer, target customers segments and define specific objectives. For total success of your digital strategy, you will rely on the help of influencers.

Who are the influencers?

Influencers are calling all the shots on the internet. More and more Internet users adapt their behavior to notice e-influencers. Interactions on community platforms multiply and opinion leaders appear. They become references in their fields. There are several types of influencers :

– The sentinel : news specialists in their fields, they are constantly seeking the latest news. They have a diffusion capacity and update high content.

– The creators of trends: the expert branch of sentinel, they propose further analysis. Their thinking is focused on the needs of their community.

– Experts: known by their investment in their community, their opinion is seen as  divine. You can count on their objectivity, and relevance of their recommendations.

Bloggers: the head of a large community, bloggers spread long production. They are capable of directing information based on their review.

– The gunslingers: as the name suggests, they will not hesitate to shoot you. They have easy criticism and a strong power of conviction. It is better to be in good terms with them.

How to choose your influencer?

Influencers must ABSOLUTELY be integrated into your digital strategy. Follow their behavior will enable you to better understand your community. Each sector has its influencers. To choose your influencer, you must determine the size and activity of your audience. Here are some tips:

– Measuring the impact of influencers on social platforms: for example on Facebook will analyze the number of “likes” or sharing …

– Count the number of publications per day. An influencer must be present at the right time and the right place . Be wise…;)

– Analyse the number of links to other blogs, measure the extent of its influence through the different communication channels

– Identify community and reap the opinions of followers. This will allow you to have an idea about the credibility of your influencer.

catch them into your nets!

After choosing your target,you just have to make sure that you attract attention! A great mission! You can imagine that these people are over-stressed, so you must stand out!

Get noticed through a LinkedIn message, a retweet, or sharing one of their article, but keep in mind the fact that they operate in a virtual world, take time to establish a real relationship, sincere and honest. Influencers are passionate people  about their industry, choose to share with them an attractive and entertaining content. Offer them a partnership rather than simply ask them a “service”, offering them greater exposure or by involving them in your work.

For example you can mention their names or reference one of their blog articles in hyperlinks.

In short, be on the same wavelength as your influencer, you must create an osmosis! He knows how to communicate with your target. This is his community, and he is your guru;)!

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