Latest news of the Digital World

The 24th of May there was the annual Google Performance Summit, it brought a few news and updates pretty interesting that we are going to relate in the “News of the Week” but of course not only. As usual the digital world is in constant change it means always new updates for avid users.

Data Studio: Google free analytic tool

In March Google launched Data Studio 360 beta, you can visualise data from several sources and create graphs and reports that you are able to share within your business. Google has announced a free version of Data Studio will be available soon for small teams and individuals. For the moment you can use data from Google Analytics, Sheets, AdWords and BigQuery, however it will be usable with SQL Databases too. Even if Data Studio is limited to create 5 reports you can connect to unlimited sources of data. If you want to know more about it click HERE.


More ads on Google Map

The usual Google Map on both desktop and mobile is about to change. The process is quite simple and makes you wonder how comes it didn’t happen sooner. Google will install “Promoted pins”, as everything “promoted” companies will pay to appear in your map. When you look directions logo of companies in the area will appear and when you tap on the logo their business page appears at the bottom of your screen which could display coupons or items of that store. If you are looking for businesses using the search bar then businesses that paid their ads will naturally appear first in your search list results. Read more about it HERE.

google map

Goodbye the 140 characters on Twitter

Twitter addicts were all dreaming about it. It is finally happening….sort of. You will still have to use 140 characters in your tweet but that’s what count as a character that is changing. For example when you will add a media as a gif, picture or video it will not count any more as characters. The same with the @name when you reply to someone the name will not count as characters. Finally we all started tweet with .@name that as well it’s over. You could simply Retweet it to signal the tweet is meant for everyone. Our community managers are happy about Twitter new update. If you want more details about it click HERE.


OurHood the safety app for social media groups

I guess it happened to you to have been added to a Whats App group without your consent and find out there is people you don’t know and have now your phone number? In this same way of thinking Bruce Good, a developer from Cape Town wanted to create an app that will makes your way of using social media groups safer. Once you installed the app your first step would be to sign in with your Facebook account and upload a copy of a utility bill that would be verified. Then you can use the app if several ways. You can read a more detailed review of this new app HERE.