Natural Referencing: How to Proceed as a Real Estate Broker?

Does your agency’s corporate website come up on the first page on Google Search if a user types in “buy apartment in Geneva”? No? That’s a pity. Because 98% of users find what they are looking for on this very first page of Google Search results.

Even if you have a graphically and ergonomically well elaborated website – as long as nobody finds it, it is useless. So how can you make a difference between your website and the ones of your competitors? How can you be visible for Google?

To answer these questions, we need to talk about Natural Referencing. It is an essential part of a successful online marketing strategy. If you do a good job in referencing your content, you increase the number of visitors on your page.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency with a specialized pole in natural referencing, dedicates the whole month of July to giving online marketing tips to real estate brokers. Here is what we recommend when you are writing the texts on your online portal.

Natural Referencing? What is this? And how do I do it?

Natural referencing consists mainly of the way you write the texts on your website. Think about it this way: A user who types “buy house in Geneva” into the Google Search field needs to find your corporate page. So what you need to do in order to improve you online visibility, is to include certain key words into your content in order to make sure the Google search algorithm filters out your page and judges it suitable to the search criteria of the user.

Thus the objective of referencing is to index your site in the results of search engines like Google. But unfortunately, not all the people use the same key words to look for the same thing. So you need to remember to integrate a variety of different key words into your content. Some of your potential customers may search for “Real estate agency Geneva”, others look for “two bedroom apartment in Geneva” or “living in Geneva” or again “renting apartment in Geneva”.

To find out these key words relevant to your field – so called “search tendencies” – feel free to contact us. Eminence has a specialist for natural referencing who masters the necessary technological tools in order to find out what key words related to your specific business people search for on Google.

Really? Do I need that?

We tell you why: The real estate sector is very competitive. There are great online portals out there and if yours is not one of the best, you lose a lot of your potential sales. Only 2 out of 100 people click to the second page of Google search results, so you better make sure your site is very prominent in Google search.

If you improve your online visibility, you work at the same time on your notoriety. In fact, people tend to believe, the better the position of your corporate page in the search results of Google, the more important your company is in the market. Of course, that is wrong, because it only depends on how successful your techniques of referencing are, but as your client is the king…

Finally, to pull up a natural referencing strategy is something you do for the long-term. If you keep optimizing your referencing even after the first implementation phase, a continuously good position on search engines is most likely.

Which elements should you reference on your corporate site?

The idea is to reference different pages of your site according to the specific content on this page. For example: On the page you display furnished apartments for rent, you want to reference the key words “renting furnished apartment”. On the page where you want to incite landlords to sell their property to you or to confide their house or apartment to your administrative body, you want to reference key words like “Sell my house”. The idea is to reference the different pages on your website for different key words to make sure an internet user finds your page with a multitude of different key words he might search for in Google. This way, nobody needs to know the name of your agency to make sure they find your website.

Google AdWords campaigns: Buy your key words

If you want to do so, you can buy a certain key word like “Apartment in Geneva”. Depending on how popular your key word is, you pay a big or a very big amount of money to Google. In return the search engine grants you to display your website on the first position if a user types in the key word you bought. Be aware though, that your page will be marked with a little yellow field reading “add” – so users will know you pay for this position. This is why only 15% really click on the links of this so called “AdWords” campaigns.

One more point: Paid referencing will expire once you stop paying. What seems logical might have bad consequences. If you decide to choose a paid referencing strategy (without using natural referencing on your content), your website disappears completely from the first pages of Google search once you stop the campaign.

The solution to this? According to your particular situation, we recommend you to actually use both strategies: paid and natural referencing. If you have a certain big project to promote or you just started offering a new service to your customers, paid referencing can be a good idea in order to make sure you have a certain level of publicity. But for the long term, a natural referencing strategy is clearly necessary for continuous and sustainable growth.

Another type of online publicity

Other than the AdWords campaigns which assure you paid referencing, you can use display campaigns to do online advertising of your offers. In a display campaign you publish banners on all different kinds of websites: newspaper portals, online e-mail login pages etc.

The good thing about display campaigns is that you can define your target group very clearly. If you define your publicity banner should only reach women between 35 and 55 years who speak French and who are interested in real estate, golf and wellness – no problem. You will know before the campaign starts, how many thousand people will see your banner and even how old they are and what they are interested in.

In short: with display campaigns you can touch whoever you want, whenever you want it; and all this to a fixed budget.

Thus display campaigns can be very useful, but they should not be your main marketing tool for the same reason as the paid referencing: Once you stop paying, you lose your visibility. In the end, you don’t come around a natural referencing strategy.

One last point about display campaigns: Make sure you create so called “landing pages”. If a user clicks on your online publicity banner, he wants to find directly the offer you were advertising. Optimize the user-friendliness of your online portal and don’t make prospects search for the advertised offer – show them what they want to see with one click only.

If you wish any additional information about referencing or online advertisement please don’t hesitate to contact us. Eminence can offer you an analysis of your referencing approach or consult you about your wider digital marketing strategy. If you wish so, our content creators work weekly on your referencing in order to ensure continuous improvement of visibility, and thus sustainable increase in sales.

G.L. Junior Account Executive, Eminence