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Eminence, your mobile app development partner in Geneva

Your website lies at the heart of your digital strategy. However, other factors must also be taken into consideration, as they play an essential role in the success of your business. In fact, developing an application specifically for mobile phones can be a major asset in your digital strategy, given the exponential increase in the use of smartphones in our society.

Eminence, an agency specializing in the creation of mobile applications, can design and develop a mobile application for you to offer an optimal experience to your prospects and customers.

The advantages of a mobile application created by Eminence will be to:

  • Make you more accessible to your customers: they will be able to access information or products more easily and quickly, thanks to an adapted user journey.
  • Strengthen your brand image and visibility: this is a good way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your prospects and customers will have easier access to your brand. It will always accompany them everywhere and at all times.
  • Offer you the ability to market your products through an additional channel, and therefore increase your income by simplifying your customer’s buying journey. In a mobile environment, users use their phones to meet their immediate needs. Mobile applications encourage spontaneous purchases.
  • Allow you to exploit geolocation: adapt the language of the content according to the location or launch a targeted promotional offer to encourage purchase.
  • Position yourself earlier in the buying journey: this can involve viewing the product, a free demonstration, advice or product reviews. Mobile phones are a customer acquisition tool. They are also great up-selling and cross-selling tools.
  • Offer a new experience to your customers: new services based on push notifications, the camera, geolocation, consultation without an internet connection, etc. These services can feed your cross-channel, drive-to-store or other brand strategies. It is a powerful channel of direct communication and customer loyalty.
  • Collect additional data from your visitors: this can generate new insights into the use of your product or service in real life. These insights are important for improving your future offers. The data collected can also help provide more personalization.

Do you want to develop a powerful mobile application and achieve your business goals?

How does Eminence develop your mobile application?


Our first step is to understand your project and determine your primary goal. Why do you want to create a mobile application? Who is it addressed to? What is the technology best suited to your project? We aim at creating a strong concept for your application, whose key factors will be the business plan, the design and the technology used. Together we will look at the technological trends that could be implemented (augmented reality, geofencing, etc.).

The level of your company’s digital maturity will be assessed, as this will impact the way your application will be designed, your processes, your teams and the strategic thinking behind the project.


Once the concept is finalized, we will analyse your application’s future markets. A study will be carried out in order to understand competitors, market needs, demand, offers and major points of differentiation in the market.

We will then analyse your audiences by creating personas. It is essential to think carefully about your targets. We will identify their “pain points” and design your app according to their specific needs and expectations. Profiling your future target audience will help you understand how to satisfy and retain them.

Together we will select the type of application best suited to your project, depending on your objectives and your budget: native mobile (developed for all operating systems and downloadable from the App stores), web application (website in mobile format) and hybrid application (web application made available on the App stores).

Finally, the most important thing is to understand what your business goals are in order to create a mobile application that meets your digital KPIs and allows you to achieve them.


Drafting of the specifications is an important step, as this document constitutes the contractual basis between us. It summarizes the tasks to be performed, costs and delivery deadlines. It details the environment of your company, the products, the competitors, the objectives of the application, the type of application to develop, the functionalities of the application, the various contents we need to receive from you and the number of models to create.


This is where the design, graphics and technical development teams come into play. Visual appearance and ease of use will be key to creating an optimal user experience. We will develop a well-thought-out app to help your future users easily navigate your website and rapidly accomplish the task you want them to do. We will design models so that you can imagine the design and the final look of your mobile app. Once you know exactly what your application will look like, we’ll be ready to develop it.


Once the application is available, it is important to ensure that it produces the expected results. Its success can be measured using several KPIs that we will monitor thanks to our tracking plan developed based on your business goals. The data that you collect on your prospects will allow us to identify the most effective times to create engagement (for example by sending push notifications) and to integrate the use of your app into their habits. We will provide you with a Data Studio dashboard so that you can monitor the performance of your application in real time. Our developers will be available to fix any technical problems that may arise after the application has been put online (errors, updates, etc.).

Interested in creating a mobile app?

Why choose Eminence as your mobile application agency?

In terms of digital strategy, a mobile application is a great tool allowing you to create an easy link between your brand and your target. Integrating it into your strategy is becoming increasingly vital as it allows you to increase your visibility and brand awareness.

Our web agency in Geneva, specializing in mobile application development, fully understands the importance of this technology and puts its expertise at your service to develop and implement an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Our final objectives are to:

  • Make your application visible and accessible to your target audience
  • Encourage Internet users to download your application
  • Explain the features of the application to allow you to put detailed descriptions and screenshots on each Mobile Store
  • Encourage your visitors to use the application regularly

To do this, Eminence has analytics experts who will help you define the best possible web analytics strategy and the best platform to use to increase your mobile app traffic and the ROI of your online spending. We will build an effective monitoring plan based on the events you want to monitor. Whenever a user visits your mobile app, our tracking code will collect anonymous information about how that user has interacted with your app. For data collection we will use Google Analytics or Firebase. Finally, our SEO teams will support you in your Mobile Store Optimization process; that is, in selecting the themes and keywords that will describe what your target audience is looking for, so that your app appears at the top of search engines and reaches the right audience.

In order for you to have visibility into your application’s performance and the monitoring process, Eminence teams will create and adapt each Data Studio dashboard according to your needs.

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