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The main purpose of web design is to facilitate the user experience and convey the desired marketing message in the most relevant way possible. To do this, it is important that the web interface design takes into account ergonomics, accessibility, and aesthetics. This will help you to facilitate optimal navigation for your Internet users.

Eminence specializes in UX design (user experience) and develops web platforms for you that take the browsing experience into account. We study and optimize your user’s journey to help you to ensure that they don’t leave your site without finding what they’re looking for.

For this reason, the developers and web designers of our agency specializing in UX design in Geneva will help you to create a qualitative and attractive website that includes essential UX techniques for the acquisition of new customers.

Eminence can help guide you through the implementation of a responsive design that adapts to different types of possible scenarios of online users. Our aim is to develop a design suitable for any medium that your visitors may use so that their user experience is optimized.

A website must be attractive, credible, reliable, and reassuring for the user. These are the central values of marketing. A good User Experience or UX helps increase the conversion rate on your website. For example, this could be a purchase on an e-commerce site or filling out a contact form in the case of a service website.

What are the advantages of a well-thought Website Design?

  • Increased Customer Conversion: A well-designed website can guide customers directly to the end navigation and help generate more customer conversions.
  • Brand Consistency: We help create an online image and positioning consistent and in line with your company values, with the aim of strengthening your brand and making it more memorable.
  • Enhancement of your Brand Image: A successful design will contribute to strengthening your image and help attract more prospects and Internet users to your business.

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How does Eminence manage your web design project?


Before any graphic design can be envisaged, we need to know precisely what you expect from your future website; the objectives of your site, the target audience you want to reach, the delivery schedule and the budget allocated to design it. Once the site’s objectives are identified, the web pages and the functionalities necessary to achieve them can be designed. Knowing which pages and subpages need to be created is an essential first step in the website design process. Next, developing a sitemap will help conceptualize how the content and features will be linked. This step consists in understanding your request and your project so that we can offer you a design that meets your expectations and business objectives.


Before we start designing your site, we will carry out a competitive benchmark in your sector. We will also analyse your market to define your brand personas and their expectations, so as to propose a design in line with your activity and your target audience. To make the correct UX recommendations, we will also need to analyse your user behavioural data. An inspirational benchmark will allow us to pinpoint appealing elements and create a mood board with images, text, fonts and colours to reflect the graphic style for your project.


This is a roadmap that formalizes the goals to be achieved and integrates all the technical, aesthetic and functional details of your project. This file consists of a certain amount of information, such as the presentation of your company, your project, your target client, the roles of each party in this graphic design project, your site’s characteristics, a volume content estimate, models of the pages to be produced, schedule, budget and option for expansion.


At this stage, the internal architecture of the website and its navigation is created: the site map must present all the requested pages, as well as the links allowing navigation from one to the other. Each page must contain essential elements in its wireframe such as the header, menu, contact information, content location, footer, call-to-actions, etc. This stage’s objective is to organize the content in the most efficient way possible. It is better to have the final content, as content hierarchy and main calls to action must be clearly identified before starting the layout and exact presentation of the content phase. The requirements of Internet users must be considered, and an intuitive and efficient consumer journey constructed allowing you to achieve your goals.


Once the wireframes have been validated, the next stage is the creation of site models representing the real appearance of the website. The colour mock-up will be based on the mood board previously created, as well as on the company’s graphic charter. It will consist of fonts, a colour palette, typography, images, pictograms and your logo. Our design will be user-centred so that the site is used, browsed and appreciated by your users. We are looking for customer satisfaction, site memorability and efficiency.

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Why choose Eminence as your web design agency?

UX or user experience is an essential aspect of your digital presence that covers the way in which a website or an application is perceived by its users based on its ergonomics, its navigation quality, and its content.

UX is therefore an essential pillar of communication that places the user at the center. Eminence, a design agency in Switzerland, can help you to integrate the user experience into your overall digital strategy, in order to better discern the needs of your users and provide effective solutions to match their expectations.

The design proposal will correspond to your company’s overall strategy: our strategists, web developers, graphic designers, and SEO specialists will provide you with their know-how to facilitate this essential step in creating a website. Together, they will work to deliver a project that meets your expectations.

Our Geneva UX design agency places all its know-how at your disposal to help you design a website combining UX and responsive design, that will help you to increase your conversions and your ROI.

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