New digital marketing trends to follow for 2020


In order to adapt marketing to the era of digital, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the new trends to know how you’re going to direct your strategy today.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency, reveals in this article the best digital marketing news to follow in order to develop your community.


  1. The stories

One of the essential elements in marketing, stories are increasingly used by brands to communicate with their audiences.

Thanks to their unique format and ephemeral nature, stories are still appreciated by Internet users for their authentic and spontaneous side.

In addition, they allow brands to adjust their image with new generations and to boost their visibility with users.

  1. Direct messaging

What if you contact your clients first?

To get closer to their customers, brands have adopted private messaging such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram to create closer relationships with Internet users while staying in an environment they are already familiar with.

Indeed, this technique is very effective in building a lasting relationship with customers by processing a complaint or helping them make a purchase.

But be careful about the terms of these exchanges!  A customer who contacts a brand through a private messaging system is completely different from a brand that would contact him through this channel first.

  1. Interactive Emails

The return on investment of email marketing was 3200% in February 2019. This shows how effective they are in terms of customer engagement.

However, emails in 2020, will contain features similar to those usually found on websites, including clickable buttons and other interactions, this will help to increase the conversion rate, as recipients are more likely to click on a stylish button with beautiful images than on a simple link. To achieve this, you need to go even further and create outstanding visuals to grab the attention of customers.

  1. Social selling

For the past 2 years, brands have been using their social networks to reach more leads. Social selling is the ideal approach which consists in selling directly on social networks in order to more easily identify prospects, provide information and facilitate the purchase.

Indeed, thanks to the internet and social media, customers can collect information about a product, feed back from other users, and interact with brands before buying. It’s more than just advertising on social networks! It’s about using professional social media to drive sales performance.

  1. The video

According to LSA, video is the most popular content with more than 76% of Internet users because it brings messages to life and is easier to remember, which makes it more effective than other media: 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online after seeing it in a video.

That’s why some companies use,for example, video email, which improves interactivity and helps stimulate subscriber engagement.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is more and more present in the marketing strategies of companies that can benefit from more relevant analysis and information on the data collected. This trend will be decisive in 2020!

We can mention the example of Microsoft and Uber who together invented the Knightscope K5 security robot that patrols and monitors parking lots and large outdoor spaces in order to predict and prevent crime. The robots can read license plates, report suspicious activity and collect data to report back to their owners.


So, you want to understand new trends to design your digital strategy, but you don’t know where to start?

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