Digital news of the week

Instagram made 3 features for a better business profile

It might never has been the main purpose of Instagram when it was created but social media have become so big that even any kind of businesses can’t do it without them. Soon the bio with a hyperlink will be old school with these new features. You would be able to add a “contact” button next to the following one but not only that a linkable location tag, and a category for your account too. You can read more on following this LINK.


Twitter helps you to connect more

Since Tuesday Twitter has launched a new feature that helps you to find people you might want to connect with. Another algorithm, yes. It’s mostly useless for your friends and family as you should know if they have an account or not but this new feature help you to find interesting accounts to follow. It can go from politicians (yes even them use twitter), sports team or celebrities. It is available on both iOS and Android. Read more HERE.


LinkedIn want its own Instant Articles

With the success of Instant Articles on Facebook look like LinkedIn is prepping to have its own feature too. For info an article posted through Instant Articles is claimed to be shared 30% more. Nothing proven but it’s still a very big “more” to consider using it on both platform. Read the rest on


Disappearing messages on Facebook

Both Snapchat and Telegram already have this feature so it was almost logical that Facebook Messenger will have it too soon. This new feature is provided as a security one. You can simply make some of your message disappear from a private conversation within Messenger. It is still a beta program for some Android and Apple users in France so there is still no information about when it will be fully available for everyone. Read more HERE.

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