Why is online better than offline?

As a digital marketing agency, we meet plenty of new customers that ask us the question – why is online better than offline marketing? In an ever-changing market, it is impossible to just stick with the same marketing technique, year after year. There are businesses all over the world that still stand by traditional, offline methods, flyers, mailers, newspaper advertisements and plenty more offline options. But how do these businesses attract a wider audience, aninternational audience rather than a local one?

For example, if you open a shop in a good location, hire 3-4 sales people, and advertise in local columns, send out leaflets and customers will come and visit your shop. This is great, traditional marketing still works, but the overheads of hiring staff, and the building itself, will lead to a low profit margin.

With online marketing, you have a virtual shop, outsource in a great marketing agency, they will manage your advertising online, your website SEO and generate the right adverts in the right location. There are little overheads, it is instant and you can measure the response. Amazon’s websites has 94 million visitors per one month, wouldn’t it be amazing to see statistics similar to this for your business?

At Eminence, we have put together the advantages why companies should go online rather than offline.

Greater Audience Potential

One great advantage for companies doing their marketing onlineis that not only is itless intrusive, but you will have the advantage to reach customers far and wide. There are millions of users, who love to do their shopping online who are all very easy to reach. Online marketers can place ads in numerous search engines and social media to attract the exact type of customer they’re looking for. An amazing 79% of consumers prefer to connect with brands on Facebook. SEO allows for your business to be in the prime position on Google depending on what the customer is searching for online. It is these key words and phrases that directs customers to your site.

Whereas offline on the other hand, it is difficult to attract the type of customers from outside of the immediate area. Word of mouth, local ads in newspapers will all generate awareness of your brand. But what if your customers are wanting your product but just don’t know where to find you? What if they are passing through the area and haven’t been sent a flyer through their door?

Available information

Online allows you to post all information about the product itself. This could be videos explaining the advantages, the features and benefits and reviews about the product. 40% of online shoppers consult online reviews before they shop. This readily available information enables customers to have all the information needed at their fingertips.

With offline, there is an extra step of finding out more information if this isn’t included in the flyer. Calling the company can be time consuming if there is no answer. In the last year, 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a real person. Sending an email to the company again is time consuming and you may be waiting a few days for an answer. You could also go and visit the shop, but there is no guarantee that the product will be in stock.

Better Customer Contact

Another key advantage of using online is better customer contact. It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.Thanks to Social media and other online channels, it allows companies to communicate directly with their customers. This also allows for companies to capture email addresses, telephone numbers and contact names to use in the future for offers and promotions. Companies are able totailor their content based on the customer journey on their website. Automated emails can be sent to customers that have typed in specific keywords in the past or visited certain pages of the website.

With offline, there is no tailored content, the same message will go out to all your customers, whether this is relevant to them or not. This method would also cost you more than online, as you are paying for print and postage costs. This can lead to irritating the customer and deter them away from using your company in the future if it isn’t relevant for them.

Better Tracking

Online Marketing allows for better tracking as companies can track the exact journey the customer has followed leading them to purchase your product or service. If the customer has not quite completed their purchase, online marketing enabled you to retarget these customers, directing them back to your website. It is this tracing capability which reduces the initial cost per customer and enables you to effectively target people who are interested in purchasing your product.

Offline marketingdoesn’t allow any type of tracking. Unless the customer is given a code to type into the check out of your website, or for the user to visit a link provided by the mailer campaign. There is no data on how many people would have seen your ad, how they have visited your website and how to redirect them back to the website. This will elevate your costs as you are distributing to your entire database rather than just the ones who are familiar with your website.


These are just some of the main benefits why online is preferred over offline marketing. But the list doesn’t stop there; ability to multitask, 24 hour marketing service, cost effectiveness, time-effectiveness, automation over delegation, convenience, data collection and personalisation are all key factors in why business prefer to go online.

Of course, some companies prefer to target a broad audience and have the budgets for TV advertising, vast email campaigns and radio ads, but the majority of businesses whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, prefer to have only online strategies to target their customers. The key to success is to not struggle on you own. But, by hiring a team of digital experts such as Eminence, we can work together with you in order to give the biggest return on investment.Knowing that your business KPIs are in our hands, our team based in Geneva and Dubai are able to generate qualified leads to generate you business. So if you are ever wondering what it would be like to save money and receive more leads, give us a call.