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Eminence, your digital agency for data performance in Geneva

Digital performance can be successfully quantified by establishing concrete, target-driven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

At Eminence, success begins by setting business objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. This in turn will help your company to achieve the results it strives for. To make this possible, Eminence will check the relevance and consistency of your set objectives according to the means available and the characteristics of your industry sector. This evaluation allows us to establish a performance analysis.

This performance analysis will be based on the key performance indicators that we will track when building your personalized, real-time dashboard. A successful analysis comes from the ability to know how to control, monitor, and optimize your performance on each digital channel. It is also important to understand and highlight the behaviors of your target audiences and key consumers.

Our goal is to identify and analyze the parameters that influence the performance of your business, to make effective strategic decisions.

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How does Eminence carry out an effective analysis of your performance?

We offer a personalized dashboard system that is accessible at all times, so you can monitor the performance and KPIs of your campaigns in real-time. In this dashboard, you have an instant overview of your data and performance on all touchpoints. We tailor your dashboard with precision according to your set business objectives and who it is destined for in your company.

For example:

A dashboard for management would include:

  • Transparency on media spending
  • Clear visibility on the profitability of your marketing actions (positive ROI)
  • Performance by market
  • Turnover reached
  • Sales analysis showing which geographic area and which product generated the most sales

A dashboard for the marketing team would include:

  • Campaign performance to be able to monitor the results and KPIs of campaigns
  • Conversion KPIs such as the number of visits, calls, purchases, requests for quotes, etc.
  • Monitoring of the stages of the sales funnel
  • Budget breakdown

A dashboard for marketing executives would include:

  • Advertising performance by campaign and by channel
  • KPI
  • ROI
  • Customer acquisition performance
  • Keyword performance
  • Trend insights including consumers trends, customer expectations, behavior insights

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Why choose Eminence?

By using Eminence’s performance analysis and monthly report services, you will be able to optimize your digital presence. We provide you with an overview of the performance of your channels according to the different stages of the customer lifecycle.

This performance analysis allows us to identify target audiences and optimize your expenses. For example, by allocating your budget to successful campaigns, you will help to improve your current business acquisition rate. Each month we review and assess the level of conversion your visitors are at on your sales funnel.

Our digital experts at Eminence focus on analyzing your data to make the right decisions and rectify any problems so that your project is optimized and your set goals are met.

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