Avesco Rent


The context

With the help of its agency Eminence, Avesco Rent developed a website with a CMS that was easier to manage and that had three main objectives:

  1. UX optimization
  2. A mobile first focus
  3. The redesign of the website with content migration


Performance summary of the French and German website versions from March 2018 to March 2019
  • 41 %

    Increase in overall traffic

  • 95 %

    Increase in mobile traffic

  • - 5 %

    Bounce rate

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Client presentation

Avesco Rent, a subsidiary of the Caterpillar Group, is a supplier of rental equipment solutions for construction sites, events, professionals and individuals. It officially represents “The Cat Rental Store” brand, in Switzerland, which is part of the Caterpillar group. Avesco Rent is present across all of Switzerland with more than 20 agencies located in both the French and German-speaking regions.

The challenges

01. To migrate Avesco Rent’s website from Typo 3 to WordPress, in French and German
02. To import all pages and products, including: 400 products, 200 characteristics per product and approximately 70 pages
03. To optimize the website loading time
04. To maintain the current SEO positioning
05. To simplify the Back Office management

Our strategy


  1. Import categories, products and characteristics of each product
  2. Import all articles and pages
  3. Fix website bugs
  4. Webpages’ integration (html, csss, js, etc.)
  5. Link the “Pricing tools” using a REST API (Representational state transfer)
  6. Connect the website to the HubSpot CRM
  7. Migrate the website to a new server
  8. Run tests, ensure validations and execute deployment
  9. Optimize website loading time

Challenges & solutions:

  1. Importing Content

    a. The Challenges:

    • Among the solutions available, there are some automated services for migrating data from Typo 3 to WordPress. These services provide a solution to import content, categories, users, etc., quickly, easily and at a reasonable price. However, in the case of Avesco Rent, we did not recommend using these services because they did not allow one to organize the imported content in the WordPress “customs posts type”. This was created previously to structure the site, displaying products in a similar way as the WooCommerce “product” post type.
    • Maintaining the current website positioning (SEO)

    b. The Solutions:

    First, Eminence exported the content in batches into several csv files. Next, Eminence imported them with the WP ALL IMPORT plugin and the following add-ons:

    • WooCommerce (for importing products)
    • Advanced Custom Fields (for importing characteristics and fields)
    • Yoast WordPress SEO (for importing SEO meta titles and meta descriptions)
    • WPML All Import (for multilingual content)

    For the products, we started by importing the product characteristics, then the categories, then the actual products before finally importing the products’ translated versions.

    To avoid losing the current SEO positioning of the website, we imported all the meta descriptions and meta titles, and we kept the same URLs.

    This task was challenging but as a result, we managed to import well-organized and well-structured content. Last but not least, we imported all the content without losing any information.

  2. Optimizing the website loading time: Eminence optimized the loading time by:
    • Reducing the size of CSS resources
    • Reducing the size of JavaScript resources
    • Activating Gzip compression
    • Optimizing images and reducing page size
    • Etc.

  3. Establishing a connection between the website and the CRM pricing solution to ensure data transfers automatically through a REST API.
    The data sent through quote request forms were automatically transferred to the CRM application: contacts, accounts, products, requests, etc.
    Thanks to the integration of the REST API in the website and the CRM, we were able to guarantee the following to our customer:
    • Optimization of Sales Force Management
    • Improved customer knowledge
    • Centralization of administrative and workflow processes
    • Improved customer billing services
    • Possibility to continue our targeted marketing actions

  4. Linking the website on the Hubspot CRM through the REST API provided by Hubspot, allowed us to record quotation request form submissions and consolidate all leads in the contact database.