Social networks strategy


The context

With the help of Eminence, Bodyline Center boosted its brand awareness through paid social media ads by offering the right treatments at the right time to the right audiences. This increased its website traffic while generating qualified leads and its revenue was boosted.


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Client presentation

Bodyline Center is a slimming institute located in the heart of Geneva, on the Rue du Marché. It is an elegant, modern and relaxing space that offers innovative treatments. Using the latest technologies and equipment, the center caters to demanding customers seeking to lose weight. Bodyline offers a unique and professional experience to its customers. Always seeking to satisfy its customers, the center offers expert nutritional advice and techniques that are adapted to their clients’ needs.

The challenges

01. Increase Bodyline Center’s local visibility and brand awareness
02. Develop their social media community
03. Target key audiences
04. Convert social media followers into qualified leads
05. Increase quality traffic to the website
06. Build brand trust

Our strategy

First, Eminence’s Social Media experts conducted a competitive landscape, benchmarking Bodyline Center’s direct competitors and auditing the global slimming market, in order to identify successful strategies and trends in the industry.

Then, we set social media objectives to meet the institute’s marketing objectives. We also established a clear positioning based on the brand’s DNA, best self and the customer’s expectations.

In order to determine a consistent and quality content marketing strategy, we established a friendly and helpful tone of voice to reflects Bodyline Center’s welcoming nature and expertise. Next, we created key audience personas to identify Bodyline Center’s target audience and understand their behaviour. It is important to know what types of publications these key audiences prefer to see on social media. Today, Bodyline Center is present on Facebook and Instagram. Each network has a specific strategy, with a carefully crafted editorial planning, quality visuals and dynamic animations, to optimize Bodyline Center’s social media performance. Each week, engaging visuals and videos created by our graphic designers are shared on social media, along with healthy recipes, motivational quotes, slimming tips and tricks. In addition, our copywriters create monthly blog articles, which take into consideration the latest trends in the industry. We also ensure that these articles are SEO optimized.

In order to boost Bodyline’s brand awareness and increase engagement on Instagram, we opted for a collaborative approach with popular local influencers (including macro, micro and nano influencers) that had profiles that aligned with the brand. We invited these local bloggers to discover the institute and highlight the core values of the Bodyline Center. They then relayed to their audiences the range of treatments available, as well as their personal experience at Bodyline Center. So far, this has significantly raised local awareness and interest, leading to rapidly increasing sales.

To create high-quality content for social media, every two months, our videographer covers the different events and new slimming technologies available at Bodyline Center, which we then share on Facebook and Instagram. We also create weekly dynamic posts, monthly Instagram Reels and videos to attract attention and ensure brand visibility.

Tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager are used to monitor and optimize the digital media strategy in place. Eminence monitors Bodyline Center’s paid ads daily, adapting the strategy as need be.