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The context

With the help of its agency Eminence, our client, one of the leaders in the luxury car sector, launched prospective and retargeting campaigns on Facebook whilst keeping in mind the following three key objectives:

  1. Generate qualified traffic​
  2. Attract new prospects ​
  3. Retarget its audiences
The results

New subscribers


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Leasing contact

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Client presentation

Our client is a car dealer specializing in the sale of luxury cars on the Geneva market.​
With 90 years of experience in the automotive sector, it has remained faithful to its credo: quality vehicles at reasonable prices and professional work. The company has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles based in Geneva.


01. To drive quality traffic to our client’s website and encourage people to make an online enquiry or call the company to discuss their next car purchase​

02. To attract new consumers

03. To retarget audiences

Our strategy

With the help of Eminence, our client connected with prospective car buyers and won quality leads by showcasing suitable vehicles to different customer profiles, using highly relevant Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Eminence set up the following key elements: ​

  • Configured The Facebook Pixel​
  • Set Up Pixel Events​
  • Set up The Facebook Catalog ​
  • Launched Facebook Prospective Dynamic Ads ​
  • Ran Dynamic Retargeting Ads​

The first step was to reach people who had already contacted or shown interest in the car dealer and encourage them to make an enquiry. For this, Eminence ensured that the set-up of the Facebook Pixel and the Pixel Events were correctly installed on the website. This allowed us to create targeted ads based on data. These ads targeted website visitors who had viewed specific pages and allowed us to create Lookalike audiences with similar character traits to previous website visitors. This way, the ads were seen by an even wider, yet highly relevant audience of people who were likely to take action. With the Pixel in place, we then created the Facebook Catalog which displayed all the different models available.

Once the Pixel and Product Catalog were set up, we launched Prospective Dynamic Ads to a broader audience based on data gathered from the Pixel. This allowed us to reach new customers more efficiently by showing them relevant products. This increased our return on ad spend. The Dynamic Ads were shown to specific Custom and Lookalike audiences, using the format of slideshow ads.​

Dynamic Ads with the Product Catalog ensured a fully personalized ad experience for prospective customers. These ads automatically showed relevant content and creatives to consumers based on their behaviors and interests. They enabled our client to successfully engage with car buyers at the start of their purchase journey, by showing the right vehicles to the right people.​

In parallel, Eminence also launched Dynamic Retargeting Ads. We created remarketing ads using the Facebook Catalog. This helped establish a repeated contact with the users who had previously interacted with the reseller. By using ad creatives that featured vehicles in a carousel slideshow format, the retargeted audiences were shown ads featuring vehicles they had previously viewed, as well as similar products. This led to increased ad performance and conversions.​

This strategy helped our client to achieve the following objectives:​

  1. Engaging with potential car buyers via Facebook Dynamic Ads;​
  2. Automatically delivering relevant content and creatives to consumers based on their behaviors and interests​;
  3. Reaching new people who had expressed an interest in one of their car brands;​
  4. Facebook’s Dynamic Retargeting Ads helped to remind targeted audiences of products they had viewed but had not purchased.
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