SEO Google My Business optimization


The context

CHUV, one of the five university hospitals in Switzerland, asked Eminence to assist them in the optimization and management strategy of the Google My Business accounts for the Woman-Mother-Child department. The objective was to implement a new local SEO strategy to facilitate access to the institution’s information on Search.

Results between August and December 2021

CHUV Neonatology Service profile
  • +72 %

    more interactions with the service profile

  • 6.93 x

    more calls made from the page

  • 5.44 x

    more clicks to the site from the institution's page

  • 12 k

    visits to the profile

Sexual health profile
  • + 84 %

    more interactions with the profile

  • 8 x

    more calls made from the profile

  • 16 x

    more clicks to the website

  • 10 k

    visits to the profile

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Client presentation

CHUV is an international hospital center located in Lausanne, in the canton of Vaud. It is one of the five university hospitals in Switzerland. It includes 16 clinical, medico-technical, academic and administrative departments, as well as a psycho-geriatric EMS located in Gimel. Thanks to its close collaboration with the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne, the hospital plays a European role in the fields of medical care, research and medical education.

The challenges

01. Optimize, correct and complete existing profiles to make them more attractive and engaging towards users.
02. Create new profiles for departments that did not previously have them.
03. Recovering access to all the profiles created by people outside CHUV to optimize them.
04. Work in close collaboration with the communication services of the different departments.
05. Monitor account performance and regularly update online information.
06. Clearly differentiate the profiles of each department that share some of the same contact information (physical address, hours, etc.).
07. Implement a new local SEO strategy to improve CHUV’s presence on Search.

Our strategy

Our SEO experts implemented a winning strategy to boost local SEO, manage the various CHUV establishments, and optimize the client’s GMB profile. Thus, internet users could easily find information about the institution and its various departments.

To do this, the experts organized the different departments of CHUV into business groups. The creation of a business group makes it easier to manage profiles, to share access to the different profiles with other users and to work in a more secure manner. Once the business groups were created, our SEO experts started configuring the GMB account and the different profiles.

In addition to creating new profiles, our experts had to check and analyze the existing ones to identify missing or incorrect information.

It was also important for CHUV to recover ownership of the profiles created by people outside the company. To claim ownership, Eminence filed a request to Google to take back control and make changes afterwards.

To optimize the different profiles, we added the following information:

  • The name of the facility: we assigned a precise name to each department to easily identify the different services offered by CHUV.
  • The address: since the different CHUV establishments have the same physical address, we added the door number corresponding to each department, so that users can easily find its location.
  • The working hours of the different departments.
  • The main and secondary phone numbers to make it easier for patients to contact the hospital.
  • The website link to help Internet users get to know CHUV and its various departments better.
  • The description: Listing the strengths when presenting each service makes a real difference. The description must be short and punchy enough to respect the rules imposed by Google.
  • Photos of each department: Adding several detailed photos (of the interior, exterior, staff, etc.) helps humanize the structure and makes it more reassuring for Internet users.
  • Business codes: A business code is a unique identifier associated with a specific facility. This is especially important for companies that have several departments and whose Google My Business accounts are managed by several users, as is the case for CHUV. It is a security feature to avoid any errors when treating different profiles. To generate codes, we added a label containing the name followed by a number or an abbreviation. For CHUV, we created codes like CHUV-1, CHUV-2 or CHUV-HEL, CHUV-NAT, etc.

Finally, to maximize our chances of collecting positive reviews, we regularly published news on the local listings to interact with Internet users and present future events at the institution. The comments’ management and the moderation of questions and opinions from Internet users allowed us to improve our engagement rate and natural referencing. This also convinced Internet users who discover CHUV to trust in it.