Display Performance Marketing Ads

Dubai Autodrome


Display campaigns

Dubai Autodrome called on Eminence to create Display campaigns with the following objectives: increase brand awareness, target the local market and car enthusiasts, attract new customers by driving consideration and effectively cover the upper phase of the conversion tunnel, ensuring complete coverage of the acquisition phase, alongside existing Search campaigns. 

The results

Summary of Display Ad performance over the period October 2023 – January 2024 

  • + 17173


  • + 7

    Million Impressions

  • + 2

    Million Video views

Our customer

Dubai Autodrome is the UAE's first multi-purpose motorsports, car and karting entertainment complex. Located 25 minutes from the center of Dubai, Dubai Autodrome targets both corporate and individual visitors.  

This secure motor racing circuit can accommodate a large number of participants, and attacts both locals and tourists, as well as spectators during world-class races.

The challenges

01. Precision targeting in a highly competitive market

02. Generate brand awareness amongst a qualified audience

03. Control costs per acquisition 

04. Increase the number of qualified leads and boost sales. 

05. Achieve a positive ROI

Keys steps

  • 01

    In-Depth Market Analysis

  • 02

    Set Up Advanced Targeting Strategies

  • 03

    Tracking & Data Driven Decisions

  • 04

    Dynamic Campaign Management

In-Depth Market Analysis

We conducted exhaustive research into the local automotive landscape, analyzing factors such as consumer preferences, purchasing behaviors, competitor strategies, and emerging trends. This involved a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics. By meticulously examining demographic and geographical data, we identified key audience segments and tailored our campaigns to their unique needs and preferences. This research laid the foundation for successful campaign execution, enabling us to develop targeted messaging and creative assets that resonated deeply with our audience, driving engagement and delivering tangible results for Dubai Autodrome.

Set Up Advanced Targeting Strategies

Based on this analysis, we then leveraged Google Display's sophisticated targeting capabilities which was essential to ensure precise audience segmentation, maximizing engagement and conversion potential. By creating combined audiences, including demographic targeting, affinity audiences and in-market audiences, we were able to set up an audience segmentation with high conversion potential. We then created a new campaign and ad groups to target the most relevant in-market audience segments.

Tracking & Data Driven Decisions

Aside from regular monitoring of the budget and KPIs, we set up a tracking plan according to campaign objectives. For Autodrome, Eminence's Data Tracking team created a complete setup for tracking the various KPIs across all channels, dashboards and GA4. Data Tracking is important not only for ROI, but also to analyze data and fine tune the audiences we want to target with our campaigns.

Dynamic Campaign Management

We implemented agile campaign tracking and optimization practices to continually refine strategies based on real-time performance data collected through Eminence’s comprehensive reporting and analysis tools. Monthly review and removal of irrelevant targets. 

These Google Display campaigns generated over 2 million video views and 7 million impressions in just 4 months for Dubaï Autodrome. Paired with their Search Campaigns, we were able to lower the average conversion cost (–19%) and drive higher conversion rates (+12%). 

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