SEA campaigns

Dubai Autodrome

The context

With the help of its agency Eminence, Dubai Autodrome launched SEA campaigns whilst keeping in mind the following three key objectives:

  1. To boost their online visibility and website traffic
  2. To increase the number of qualified leads
  3. To increase their sales

The results

Summary of SEA performance over the period August 2021 - December 2021
  • + 146 %

    Increase in the number of impressions

  • + 124 %

    Increase in clicks

  • + 24 %

    Increase in conversions

  • - 30 %

    Lower cost per conversion

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Client presentation

Dubai Autodrome is the United Arab Emirates’ first multi-purpose motorsports and entertainment complex. Located 25 minutes from the center of Dubai, Dubai Autodrome is an FIA sanctioned 5.39 km motorsports circuit that can accommodate large crowds. It is an ideal entertainment venue for locals and tourists alike. Dubai Autodrome has also been hosting world-class racings for over a decade in the UAE. It offers an outstanding car and karting experience. Their two main audience targets are companies and individual visitors.

The challenges

01. Create visibility on Google through Search campaigns.

02. Generate requests for sports car races, team building for companies and karting race rentals.

03. Control costs per acquisition

04. Differentiate yourself from the competition

05. Be in top position on Google search engine results

06. Boost your online business and increase profitability

07. Develop the number of qualified leads and increase sales.

08. Have a positive ROI

Our strategy

In order to increase its sales, Dubai Autodrome used Eminence to set up a sponsored links strategy by creating SEA acquisition campaigns that would help it achieve its sales and awareness objectives.

Depending on the type of SEA campaign chosen (Search, Display, mobile, video or shopping), it was possible to orientate the strategy towards an objective of visibility, conversions or traffic.

In order to achieve our conversion objectives, we created specific search campaigns for each client category (B-to-B & B-to-C).

We then set up a tracking plan to monitor and adapt the digital strategies according to our objectives.

Adopting an effective tracking strategy allowed us to create relevant remarketing audiences, and to display our ads to the right target at the right time.

Our tracking tools allowed us to collect the following information:

  • Conversions
  • Traffic by channel
  • User behavior
  • Purchase and conversion funnels
  • Quality of visits and leads
  • ROI and turnover