Google Ads strategy

Ecolint Camps

The context

With the help of its agency Eminence, Ecolint Camps launched Google Search campaigns, whilst keeping in mind the following three key objectives:

  1. To increase awareness of the camps
  2. To increase the number of online registrations and transactions
  3. To ensure Ecolint Camps visibility and position on Google


  • 26 %

    Increase in the number of impressions

  • 85 %

    Increase in the number of clicks

  • 99 %

    Increase in the number of conversions

  • - 44 %

    Cost per conversion improvement

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Client presentation

Founded in 1924, the International School of Geneva (also referred to as “Ecolint”) is the first ever private international school. It has three campuses: La Grande Boissière, La Châtaigneraie and Campus des Nations.

Since 2003, Ecolint also runs a holiday camp program for children and teens aged between 3 to 16 years old, in French and in English. These camps include fun and action-packed activities such as sports, dance and theatre.

The challenges

01. Generate sign-ups to camps on the three different campuses
02. Control the cost per acquisition
03. Ensure a share of voice of more than 30% on search results
04. Ensure visibility on Google through Search Network campaigns
05. Generate qualified traffic to the Ecolint Camps website

Our strategy

In order to increase its turnover, Ecolint asked Eminence to set up a paid media strategy that would help them increase their brand awareness and their reach sales objectives.

Depending on the type of SEA campaign chosen (Search, Display, Video or Shopping), it is possible to focus the strategy specifically on visibility, conversions or traffic.

  1. First, Eminence worked on building up Ecolint Camps’ brand awareness through general campaigns on the Google Search Network.
  2. Then, in order to reach their sales objectives in terms of conversions (and increase the number of online bookings), we created campaigns on the Google Search network that were specific to each of the key themes and seasons (sport, theatre, Summer, Autumn, etc.)

Eminence then set up a tracking plan to monitor and optimize the digital strategy. Our digital tools enabled us to collect the following key data:

  1. Conversions
  2. Channels generating traffic
  3. User behavior
  4. Purchasing and conversion funnels
  5. The quality of visits and leads
  6. ROI and turnover