Digital marketing strategy

Noor Takaful

The context

Noor Takaful, with the help of Eminence, established its digital marketing strategy with three main objectives in mind:

  1. To create and establish brand awareness
  2. To acquire new customers
  3. To generate qualified website traffic


  • 3.31 CHF

    Cost per acquisition

  • 12.35 %

    CTR Search

  • 579

    Conversions after display

  • 2.258 %

    Share of global traffic coming from SEO

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Thanks to our new digital marketing strategy, we have not only been able to highlight the strength of our brand and our commitment to the public, but we have also been able to significantly increase our customer base with the arrival of new health insurance customers. We were able to get our message to the right person, through the right channel at the right time!
Adel Latif
Customer Experience Manager, Noor Takaful

Client presentation

The Noor Investment Group subsidiary is owned by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai. Noor Takaful was established in 2009 and offers a full range of Islamic insurance products1 for individuals, families and businesses operating in the UAE market. Due to its high-quality services and a wide choice of insurance products (health, travel, home, automobile, etc.), Noor Takaful has been awarded as “Best Takaful Operator 2016″2 in the UAE.

1 Sharia-compliant insurance and a risk-insuring system. The distribution of losses is shared among all policyholders.

2 Synonym with Islamic insurance

The challenges

01. Increase the number of health insurance registrations
02. Support Noor Takaful in the planning and management of a digital project
03. Create a CRM process linking online-offline
04. Generate qualified leads on the website

Our strategy

As of January 1, 2017, health insurance became compulsory in Dubai. Therefore, anyone living in the region had to be insured before December 31, 2016, or face a fine.

It was in this context that Noor Takaful contacted us in November 2016, asking us to help them increase the number of clients before December 31st.

We started by studying the brand, its history, values, competitive advantages, as well as its business objectives. Then, we made a comparison between Noor Takaful and the different players in the market; the health insurance field being very competitive, with many insurance providers in the region, very active in SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and Social Ads at the end of the year 2016.

We found that, in general, insurers competed on generic keywords such as “Health insurance” and “Health insurance Dubai”, but the competition was low on more targeted keywords such as “Islamic insurance Dubai ”. Note that the stronger the competition, the higher the costs per click (CPC). Therefore, when you focus your strategy on generic keywords only, you entail a higher cost for a lower return on investment.

Thus, we decided to focus on more specific keywords associated with “Islamic insurance” and “Takaful”. This strategy also corresponded to the global positioning of Noor Takaful.

These keywords quickly brought us positive results. We then noticed that the competition had started to target them as well. However, we successfully kept our positioning on Google, maintaining a competitive advantage over other insurance providers on these keywords.

The protection of keywords linked to a brand and positioning is important. Many of Noor Takaful’s competitors did not protect themselves; therefore, we decided to put in place a specific keyword strategy aimed at gaining market share. Thus, when users searched for health insurance, they would see Noor Takaful ads first in the SERP (the top of the list represents ads that are the most clicked). This is an important factor because the sites that appear in the top positions get more traffic.

This global strategy was mainly done on the Google Ads Search platform. At the same time, we launched Display and Remarketing campaigns where CPCs were low.