rolex case study

Rolex Case Study


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Traditionally luxury brands are reluctant to implement a digital strategy. With their reputation, luxury brands did not immediately feel the need to move to digital. However, Rolex, always on time, was able to understand the important issue of implementing a digital strategy in its marketing plan.

Rolex has adapted its strategy by making the transition to online advertising and e-commerce. Consumers use the Internet as a source of information, as part of a ROPO strategy, but also as a purchasing platform. For luxury goods such as Rolex watches, the Internet is the primary source of information.

To assert itself on the canvas, Rolex had to answer two key questions:

How to use the Internet to talk about a luxury brand?

How to recreate the online consumer experience?

Here are the 10 answers of Rolex:

  • Convey the dream of luxury watches
  • Digital should be integrated into the classic marketing strategy
  • Tell a great story
  • Find a niche designer trend
  • Make a Rolex lifestyle
  • Use the brand story
  • Do not hesitate to speak to young consumers
  • Offer exceptional service
  • Use digital as an exclusive source

I- A different website

The Rolex site is in line with the luxury image conveyed by the brand: use of clear and bright colors, easy navigation, and well-optimized.

Rolex makes you live a unique experience by helping you in your purchases through their web platform. The organization of their site is reassuring thanks to the assistance of Rolex in the buying process. It is as if consumers benefited from a personal adviser. This is the challenge that luxury brands wishing to go digital face: how to continue to provide a personalized customer relationship that is so appreciated by demanding clients in a virtual world?

rolex case study

II- The Rolex content strategy

Convert visitors into customers through a content strategy.

To be effective on social networks and especially Facebook, Eminence recommends applying the following rules:

  • Be consistent in the frequency of content publication: photos, videos, articles, and information about events.
  • Work on interactions with the fans of the page.
  • Give easy access to information.
  • Link up the various social platforms of the brand.

Rolex offers its fans to follow them on their Facebook page, however, their strategy on social networks can progress and improve. Indeed, despite the 7.6 million fans in their Facebook community, the commitment rate remains low. This can be partly explained by the irregularity in the publications.

Rolex Facebook
Rolex Facebook

To complete the web-marketing communications, Rolex has partnered with cultural events such as the Giraglia Rolex Cup. The spread of the video on the Youtube platform allowed it to put forward its sporty and luxurious side thanks to the presence of sports personalities.

On social networking platforms like Instagram, the visual is paramount. That is why it is essential to work the aesthetics and quality of the visual communication of your brand. Rolex offers targeted communication, high-quality visual content, and its values as a brand are well transmitted so that consumers can identify. On social networks, Rolex is remarkable for its refinement.

Rolex Successful communication is encrypted on Instagram with over 12.5 MM subscribers and an average of 110,000 likes about each post.

III Partnership and influences

Its marketing strategy is also focused on partnerships with among others its collaboration with James Cameron, the director of “Titanic” or Roger Federer during a photo shoot. James Cameron got a new deep-sea diving record associated with the Rolex technology. The event was relayed across multiple media platforms, including social networks, but also the National Geographic magazine.

Roger Federer - Rolex
Roger Federer – Rolex

Rolex understood the importance of partnerships and the role of influence in its marketing mix strategy. The result is clear and luxurious communication. Partnerships are carefully selected and designed to ensure the proper release of the brand.

Finally, Rolex has managed to set up a coherent and successful marketing mix strategy and to fully adapt to the digital era, while preserving its traditional values. It is a successful challenge and a role model for luxury brands.

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