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Eminence, your social media marketing partner in Geneva

With over 4.54 billion Internet users, 3.8 billion users on social networks and more than six hours per day spent on the Internet, it is essential to develop a social media strategy likely to contribute to increasing the recognition of your brand and the online sales of your products and services.

Thanks to Eminence, you will be able to put in place an effective social marketing strategy, allowing you both to adapt your digital marketing strategy and to create a customer relationship and recognizable brand, and enjoy a considerable competitive edge.

We will also help determine relevant marketing objectives to be achieved, the correct KPIs to chose to assess your impact on social media, what strategy to put in place and many other important measures to advance your project.

Do you want to implement a successful social marketing strategy and achieve your business goals?

How does Eminence proceed to set up an effective Social Marketing strategy?
  1. Definition of communication objectives
  2. Identification of your target audience by creating buyer personas
  3. Social Media audit to take stock of your social media marketing efforts
  4. Assessment and analysis of the presence of your competitors on social networks
  5. Identification of the relevant platforms on which you will communicate (this choice will depend on your marketing objectives and your target audience)
  6. Definition of the ‘Tone of Voice’ that is right for your brand and your audience
  7. Creation of a calendar to plan the best time to share your content
  8. Monitoring of your KPIs, testing and adaptation of your strategy

To ensure our actions are successful, we must take into account 6 essential elements when developing a social marketing strategy:

  1. Social media content
    Your social networks require adequate content at all costs. If you’re wondering why your visitors aren’t buying your products from your e-commerce site, often one of the main causes is that your content isn’t relevant. Eminence helps you produce quality, effective and targeted content that adds value for your visitors.
  2. Blogging
    We will help you create a blog and implement a communication strategy for it, by highlighting your expertise. This will help broaden the quality of your community.
  3. Social media strategy
    Eminence, your social media agency, helps you build a lasting presence on social networks through the implementation of a relevant strategy.
  4. Community management
    The management of social networks requires the implementation of actions and constant monitoring. Thanks to our team of Social Media Managers, we can help you develop a good image on the web in order to arouse the curiosity of your target audiences and to encourage them to visit your site.
  5. E-reputation
    Eminence manages your reputation on the internet using e-reputation tools, as well as powerful strategic e-monitoring tools that allow you to measure the presence and impact of your brand online.
  6. Influence strategy
    As an influencer marketing agency, We build your influencer marketing strategy by identifying influencers in your industry. The aim is to use their power to impress and make them ambassadors of your brand.

Are you interested in a social media approach?

Why choose Eminence?

Our team is made up of strategists, social media managers and art directors who work together to make the deliverables match your overall business strategy.

By choosing Eminence, you are opting for a social media marketing agency that will develop a lasting relationship between you and your Internet users. Our project managers aim at converting and building loyalty.

We will help you to create a special bond with your customers, generate traffic to your social platforms and develop your brand image on social networks.

Our experts are Facebook Partner certified, giving them unlimited access to the latest consumer trends and insights, as well as increased knowledge of web and Facebook algorithms and technologies. This allows us to be at the leading edge and to adapt your social media strategy to new trends and changes.

Lastly, to perform well on social media, you need specialists who master the best intelligence, strategy, listening, monitoring and collaboration tools. Our teams have all been trained on these tools, allowing them to develop a relevant and effective social media strategy for you, which will enable you to achieve your business objectives, in brand awareness, sales or traffic.

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