Eminence brings you the news of the week


This past week has been a huge one on the social media side. There was big announcement with Facebook as last week there was the F8 conference held by Mark Zuckerberg himself. Hopefully there is more on the digital world. Here is our News of the week.

Messenger has two main updates

Messenger has more and more options. On your “more” option (just above the thumb up) you have the possibility to use dropbox to share file but you have to install it on your mobile first.  If you can’t see yet it will certainly be available on your next Messenger update. Now that we can video chat using messenger instead of a full screen you can have a videochat bubble floating around, sadly it is only under Android. With iOS you have to stay inside Messenger. Read more here.


Discover new friends & music with Rhapsody new features

These new features sound interesting; the app is working on being more social. If you like to discover new things and as it’s Rhapsody new music with Music Match you will able to find people who have a similar taste in music than you have. It will also instantly create a playlist based on your similar interest but it won’t make it based on the songs that connected you in the first place.  Read more about the new features on Forbes.


Is Facebook tricking us with its new updates on policy branded content?

Facebook has changed its rules with advertisers.  Whereas it was mainly forbidden for publishers to share branded content Facebook has now make it way easier for them. Any verified page can now share any sort of third-party branded content. It can be pictures, videos, text. It is almost easy money for Facebook but knowing how popular are ads blockers on the long run it’s maybe not the right thing to do. Read the rest here.


Be an Emoji cat with Snapchat

The title would be enough just to explain the new Snapchat add up on the app. For now the use of emojis was stationary but with this new one it will move around with you. It is available on Android and shortly on iOS too. It doesn’t stop on emojis you can add new object as planes and make them fly around your screen. A lot of videos in perspective with this new add. Read more here.