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It is not always easy to integrate social networks into your marketing strategy, for you have to know how to use them wisely. A well-thought-out social media marketing strategy will enrich your site with quality targeted audience traffic. Social networks are a particularly effective tool when it comes to strengthening your company’s dialogue with your online customers and promoting your brand image.

Several social networks exist, and it is necessary to carefully select those that will give you good visibility. Their audiences are different and have their own needs; it is therefore important that you adapt to the specificities of each network and, above all, that you are active in all of them. It is imperative that you stay tuned in by monitoring and facilitating discussions with communications that convey your values ​​and your brand to your community.

To generate traffic, you must therefore feed your brand’s news feeds on social networks with editorial content adapted to your audience, to gain more visibility for your site. However, attracting targeted traffic to your site through social networks and your content is not enough: your site must be optimized so that visitors naturally convert.

Social networks are a gold mine of information, as in interacting with you, your customers share data with you that you can review in making strategic decisions. Being present on social networks is an opportunity to better understand your customers and make beneficial improvements for your business.

The qualified experts of your social media marketing agency will work closely with you to help you engage your community to increase your returns on online investment.

Do you want to implement an effective social media strategy and achieve your business goals?

How does Eminence develop an effective social strategy?

Step one: context analysis

This step determines what your positioning is as a brand and in your market. We will analyse what you offer, what is your service or flagship product. Our goal is to identify your added value and your points of differentiation to use them later in our communications actions. We will survey your market and examine consumer expectations, market trends, how social media works and what role it plays in your business sector. We are going to ask ourselves what your DNA and your ambition is as a company.

Step two: benchmarking

Any strategy requires a benchmark. Eminence will analyse your major competitors; in particular, the kind of contents they use, the tone of their communications, their means of communication, their lines of communication, the platforms they use, the audiences they target, their content plan, their e-reputation and their strengths and weaknesses.

Step three: developing a strategy

Based on our first two phases of examination and analysis, we will build your digital strategy. We will help you define your positioning and your lines of communication on social networks. We will associate your business objectives with digital KPIs that we will follow through our tracking plan. We will create personas for you to help us define the tone of the communications and the messages to send to your different target audiences. We will offer you a media plan with precise recommendations on the platforms to use and the frequency of publication.

Step four: content strategy

Once the media plan has been validated, we will present our strategic vision to you in relation to the content we are going to create. We will recommend the different types of content to use, the copywriting of each post of the month and the design of the posts.

Step five: monitoring & reporting

At this stage, our community managers will take over and monitor the performance of your posts and campaigns using our Data Studio software. They will maintain the follower relationship and interaction for you. This will help you to achieve your goals by continuously optimizing the actions taken. Performance will be monitored and followed, and we will write a detailed report on what we observe, what works and what does not, and what are the current trends.

Step six: collaboration process

As a social media marketing agency, We will share our recommendations and do a performance review of the past month. We will adjust the post planning and social strategy if required. We will validate the themes to be addressed in the coming month. We will validate our ideas for posts with you before creating and planning the final posts. Together we will set the programming of the posts thanks to our collaboration software.

Are you interested in a Social Media approach?

Why choose Eminence to set up your Social Media strategy?

Social networks are platforms for creating a brand story by multiplying points of contact with your target audience. The effective presence of a brand on social media is possible if a strategy has been established beforehand. Our agency’s social media strategists help you define it via an action plan that will help:

  • Develop brand awareness: Social networks allow you to reach a wide audience with a lower cost of use compared to traditional media. In addition, it allows you to establish a close relationship with your customers while developing your brand image. Indeed, thanks to UGC (User Generated Content), it is possible to give your customers a voice by asking for their opinion, advice and recommendations, thus allowing a two-way exchange between your company and consumers.
  • Generate qualified traffic to your website: social networks allow you to expand your audience through e-WOM (Word-of-Mouth). People who have heard of a product or a brand through a publication or sharing (blog article, contests, etc.) from a contact will be more inclined to visit the site it is on. To increase chances of conversion, it is crucial for your website to be attractive and convincing. Eminence, your social media marketing agency, can also create your website and web design.
  • Boost your e-commerce: consumers are targeted by an increasing number of advertisements for similar products. They therefore tend to want to find out in advance about a product or a brand in order to form their own opinion. Social networks play an important role at this stage, as they allow the user to read customer reviews, consult the brand’s responses, learn about product tests, etc.

In short, the impact of social networks can positively affect your brand’s recognition, provided that your initial strategy is carefully defined. Our social media agency helps you develop a comprehensive strategy to engage your community.

Our goal is to support you in choosing between the infinite number of possibilities offered by social media. Our social media agency in Geneva offers experts from its social hub and their platform expertise, as well as their specific social media tools to increase your visibility.

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