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Instagram is implementing the product identification functionality

Instagram is gaining more and more notoriety among brands. After the sponsored publications, the social network is currently in the process of testing a new product identification functionality. This will enable brands to optimize their return on investment.
If you want to discover the details of this new Instagramfeature and its use, follow this link.


You could soon be shopping on Instagram!

Since its launch, Instagram has always distinguished itself as a social network that was promoting the latest trends, fashion for example among others. Especially with its mass of influencers, fashion bloggers, models, topsbrand, etc.;Instagram has enormous potential to turn into an ecommerce platform. This is why the social network decided to launch, in collaboration with twenty brands, a test with a shopping feature.

To receive more information about the new feature, still in the testing phase, click here.


YouTube: New information on the management tools and comment moderation

Until now, the comments on YouTube remained very difficult to manage and the systematic deactivation solution touched the credibility of the brand. Now, YouTube has implemented new tools to better manage comments including: the highlighting of the best comments and automatic blocking of inappropriate comments.
If you want more details on the new management and moderation of YouTube comments see this link.