Video ads on mobile phones

Video ads on mobile

Video is an increasingly popular format for consumers, especially on mobile phones. It is therefore essential for advertisers to take this paradigm shift into account by creating adapted content that effectively reaches their audiences.


Rediscover how to reach your audience with video!


Is this your first video ad or your next big campaign?


Facebook offers you 3 placements to broadcast your ads:


1. In-stream:


Facebook’s in-stream video ads allow advertisers to place ads before, during or after the playback of a video. It allows advertisers to benefit from better viewing times and to broadcast more complex marketing messages.


2. the news feed:


Your ads appear in the News Feed when users connect to the Facebook application with their phones.


3. Stories:


Stories bring you closer to the people and things you love. Culture and commerce intersect on the platform, making it a great place for people to communicate with brands and interact. A third of the most viewed Stories are published by companies.


How do you create your first video ads?


You can start by reaching your audience with videos created from photos and videos you already have, or from a selection of free images from the photo library.


The elements to test first:




The slideshow allows you to create a captivating video story using only photos and text. You can use your own photos or free images from the photo library.




Facebook offers ready-to-use templates that help you turn your existing videos into story ads.


Boost a publication :

By boosting a post, you can turn a video that already exists on your company’s page into a new ad, so you can reach a wider audience.


Best practices for your video ads:


– Native videos:


Native video is content downloaded directly from Facebook. This allows users to view your video on a single site and not take them off Facebook.

Indeed, Facebook favours this type of video directly published on the network. They generally get more reach than other types of content!

Native video ads are made for mobiles, they meet the expectations of users and give you more flexibility and options for your content.


Carousel ads in Instagram Stories.


Any creative element can be turned into an ad in the stories, you can also create custom content for the stories by presenting your products in a carousel ad with more than one video.

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The customer path from discovery to product payment is now very simple with Facebook’s collection format.

Indeed, the collection is an advertising format that allows to go from discovery to purchase in a fluid and immersive way. Each collection ad contains a video or main image accompanied, below, by four smaller images in grid format.


Instant Experiences


Optimized for mobile, Facebook’s Instant Experiences format, formerly Canvas, is designed to grab the attention of your audience. Instant Experience allows you to view engaging videos and photos, browse carousels, access panoramic views by tilting the screen and explore lifestyle images and branded products, all in one ad.


Ads in Instagram stories 


Of the 500 million accounts that use Instagram Stories, one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses and one in five stories receive a message from their viewers.


Advertising in the stories

Thanks to stories, your company can broadcast photos and videos in vertical format. You have the possibility to configure your ads according to your business objectives, for example, notoriety translates into the number of views of the video.


View statistics


In the statistics section of your business account, you can analyze the performance of your Instagram ads. You can also consult the Ad Manager for additional information.


Immerse your audience


Thanks to Instagram’s unique creation tools you can play on the vertical format, reuse existing photos and videos. This helps you tell your company’s story. Since 60% of stories are viewed with sound, remember to take care of this element of your content.


360-degree videos


Facebook is the best place to share, discover and take your content to the next level with 360 video. Fans can easily discover your content with a special 360 icon indicating interactivity.


What is a 360 video?


360 videos were created with a special set of cameras to simultaneously record all 360 degrees of a scene. This means that you can watch the video from different angles.


Who can download 360 videos?


Anyone as long as the uploaded video contains the necessary metadata for the video to be recognized as 360-degree content.

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How do I upload a 360 video to my profile?


If the video has been recorded on a 360 or spherical camera that automatically adds the 360 metadata, the process will be the same as for uploading a regular video.

To determine if your camera and its software automatically add the 360 metadata, consult the camera’s manual or the camera manufacturer’s website.

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