How Could your Gym Club increase its visibility ?

You have a good reputation , your members are satisfied about the quality of your services , your coaches , your preferment machines . What about your reputation on the web? Are you visible? How is defined your brand ?

In this article we will focus on gyms in order to understand how to increase their visibility and manage their reputation on the web. But first let’s understand their meanings.

Reputation, brand image, prestige, what does it means?

Each individual perceives signs that he interprets in his own way, in his own context and  experiences.  From This interpretation is born an opinion: we have favorable and  unfavorable opinions . This perception is an image that defines the reputation of a person, place, trademark, etc.

On the other hand ,each brand wants to be the best in its field and establish its own skills and expertise. This will implement a communication strategy in order to return an image to its target. Here we talk about projected image which will create “branding”. however, it may be transmitted through emotional representations and / or relational.

This exchange of image and direct and indirect relationship gradually builds the brand awareness and allows it to  exist or fade, it have to be visible to users on the web!

How could your gym club increase its visibility?

To promote your website and increase your visibility, in other words working your brand on the internet , you must focus on three main axes :

  • The reference part (SEO – SEA-Geolocation):

The very first things that you think about before you open your gym are its location and facilities. In  the web, there is also locations  to seize as the first page and first in the search results: this is why the SEO of your website and its optimization are essential to ensure good visibility of your halls , your brand, of your trademark.

To receive a ranking that guarantees you optimum visibility and traffic, choose the right “key word”  the most sought  by users. Here are the search volume per month for the activities of a gym:


Sport clubs 510 resch/month

440 resch/month

Fitness 770 resch/month
Yoga 440 resch/month
Aerobics 720 resch/month


As you can see ,  dubieties are looking for  Sports classes like Zumba or  aerobics, and not a particular gym club . To optimize your referencing, we must:

  • Rethink about the headings of your site, add pages that discuss each sport courses that you offer
  • Create for each course quality content describing your performance and achievements while including keywords sought by Internet
  • promote your pages by real images or videos of your courses.

Referential part allows you to achieve two goals:

  • Ensure that your website is visible when someone tries to take exercise courses
  • Reflect an expert image and performance when the user found your content text and images.

these two objectives mastered, you will already have  gained 33% of notoriety


  • The Editorial  part(Blog – Press release):

Even if your web site is well optimized ,it is not enough to attract visitors on your website .

Assuming  that the more you give, the more you attract . The only solution is to:  maintain a blog.

This platform will help you to offer your readers quality content ,new and interesting topics dealing with interesting subjects and that will make you a reference in this field.

For more information about the content marketing, you can check out our article on the subject!

If your gym club becomes the reference for sports court, you can say you’ve reached  66% of  awareness.

  • Community part (social networks):

The web traffic, visibility and notoriety shutter is not just your presence on the search engines. Indeed, it can be generated from other sources. These sources are the social networks where your reputation will grow.

With over 1 billion subscribers on Facebook and Youtube in the world, social networks are the most interactive platforms and generate more traffic.

Its easy for a gym club to build a real reputation and be as visible as possible , the secret ? YOUR CONTENT AND CREATIVITY!

As mentioned earlier users are always looking for novelty, so the more creative you are, the better your traffic and more people will want to join your clubs and enjoy your courses . This is how your training rooms will be filled and that all your machines will be in operation.

You have the ideal spaces to share photos of past events in your institution, video of your most animated courses, tips present on your blog, etc. You also have the ability to have real-time feedback from your communities through interaction and exchanges facts about your different social pages.

If your coursework events have conquered your communities and the echoes are positive, then you have 99% of notoriety acquired

Keep an editorial calendar to power your blog and animate your financial statements will help increase your visibility on the internet.

We need to create commitment,  study the behavior of your target, to know their needs and expectations in order to share with them the contents that answers their expectations or their hobbies or contents that are consistent for your business.

As a gym cub , you should not neglect your visibility and reputation since customer’s satisfaction depends on it  . By having a good reputation and visibility, you build your brand and will guarantee you client loyalty.

You have a gym club ?

To help you approach your visibility and online reputation, Eminence offers  to you the following services:

  • SEO strategy
  • Blogging strategy
  • Social Networking Strategy
  • Content Creation

Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer adapted to your needs.