11 precious tips for a successful email marketing campaign

email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaigns are an important element of each marketing strategy. They serve to strengthen and to build up the relationship with potential and existing clients, the collecting of important data and to boost your Marketing-ROI.

To build up and to realise effective email marketing campaigns, you need to consider your target audience and your message. You should avoid only making self-promotion as this would lead to the fact that your receiver will click on the delete button and not even open your email.

Eminence has put together for you some valuable tips, you need to consider for being successful with your email marketing campaign.

  1. Use your email campaign as a personalised dialogue

A lot of marketing experts are using for their email campaigns the method of bulk mailing. With this method you have just reached the objective of sending out your emailing, but you didn’t establish a dialogue with your target audience.

With a personalised salutation, your email is having a much more better effect than with a generic email. Also try to enrich the conversation, by listening, adding relevant values and involve your potential clients with a thoughtful communication as part of your email campaign. Ask your potential clients for their involvement (Call to Action) and offer buttons on Social Media, to encourage your target audience to continue the dialogue via the social channels.

  1. Mobile first and responsive design

Use images to support your text and to design your email more attractive. Don’t use long paragraphs, use instead bullet points to mix up your text and make it more readable. Most of the people don’t have that much time to read a newsletter, therefore the text should be well structured. The design should be simple and catchy and don’t forget to consider a responsive design for all devices. In particular, bear in mind that Google is ranking Mobile first, therefore the layout of your email must be mobile-friendly.

  1. Apply more than only CTR (click through rate)

Standard metrics are important. But you shouldn’t only look at statistics; you have to consider also all other available information. Pay attention to the number and frequency of the page impressions, views on your website, use of the sharing function on social networks and how to segment visitors with the help of their behaviour. Ensure, that amongst the traditional key data, you also measure the dimension of the involvement.

  1. Segmentation

You might consider combining standard segmentation criteria with behaviour data and establish more complex segmentation strategies.

Check your data like: Who has opened the email? Was the offer downloaded? How much time was spent on the website? What was downloaded? As soon as you have a better idea of the interests of the various segments, you can ensure, that your offer is better harmonised with their needs.

  1. The message is in the limelight

Remember, an email campaign is not just for communication it should also transmit a message. Use your campaign to align your message on the profiles, interests and actions of potential clients. If applicable, send various emails/messages to the individual segments of your distribution list. If you are considering valuable content, your readers will be inclined to deal with your emailing.

  1. The right mix between styles and methods

In order to avoid that your email campaigns miss its purpose, you should think about campaign styles and methods and to combine them. By testing different email components, such as delivery days, content related perspectives, surveys and fulfilment pieces, you will learn what your clients like. If you always keep your content and methods up to date, the probability that you can continue integrating your readers is much higher.

  1. Automation and analysis of your results

With the automation of your email marketing campaign you can spend more time for developing your strategy and being creative. Use the solution for marketing-automation, to automatise your campaigns on the basis of events and behaviour triggers, to gain more time and to cultivate the relationship with your potential clients.

To establish reports for email marketing campaigns, you can use dashboards for the report generation of your solution for the marketing automation, to illustrate details in a comprehensible way for everybody. Use these details to better understand the interactions of your potential clients and at the same time to improve your Marketing-ROI within your future campaigns. With a 73 % ROI rating, email marketing beats other popular channels such as SEO, Content marketing, PPC and Affiliate marketing. Email marketing is the most cost effective way of promoting your products, communicating with your customers and drive your business goals.

Automation and analysis ROI


  1. Consequent use of the share function for Social Media

With the use of buttons for sharing in social networks you encourage your readers to continue the conversation with like-minded people. Regardless of the content or invitations to events, opportunities are offered to spread your message if you give your readers the simple possibility of forwarding a message or content.

  1. Test methods

To reach the optimum result with your email marketing campaign, test procedures are indispensable. In order to ensure that your potential clients have received appropriate messages, you can combine tests for subject lines with standard A/B testing.

You can also test further elements, such as images, text versions and other small discrepancies. In addition, ensure that you test the deliverability of your email with a small intern recipient group, before you sent out the email. Furthermore, ensure that all links are pointing to the right pages.

  1. Deliverability

The best plans will fail, if your message is not reaching the mailbox of your requested recipient. Check your messages in advance and identify possible problems, which could prevent, that your message will reach the mailbox of your recipient. Avoid common expressions like, “free of charge”, “opportunity”, “offer” or “click here”.

  1. A transparent imprint is generating confidence

The imprint shouldn’t just have post address, phone number and email address. It should also include a sign off link for the newsletter. With this action you are creating transparency and confidence and for those who don’t wish to receive your newsletter, they can easily sign off. It is common to put that information in the footer of the newsletter.

With a successful emailing campaign you can guide the recipient to your website or your online-shop. This means that your online presence, as well as your marketing activities should be tailored to the needs of your target audience. Eminence can help you to define your target audience with a precise audit and to build up a thoughtful strategy for your successful emailing campaign.