6 digital trends to watch out for in 2022

digital trends to watch out for in 2022

To respond effectively to customer demands, brands must anticipate upcoming trends. In this article, our experts will help you create a list of the main trends to follow to make your business take off in 2022.

Trend n°1: Shoppable content

The world of shopping has changed. Global e-commerce sales grew nearly 30 percent last year, and new ways have emerged to make online content more “shoppable.” People can now buy products directly from social posts, while watching their favorite shows, and following YouTube content on connected TVs.

Storytelling is key to creating content that people want to buy. To be effective, “shoppable” creative must be based on 4 principles:

  • Attention: Hook and engage people with immersive storytelling.
  • Branding: Showcase your strengths and added value
  • Connection: Help people think and feel something
  • Direction: Get them to act

According to Google, ads with these 4 elements are likely to see an extra increase in sales of up to 30%.

As you work on your marketing campaigns for 2022, consider how you can make your content more story-driven to make it more engaging. Be sure to stay true to your brand and your values. You can express your brand identity while maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign, and your creatives.
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Trend n°2: Respect privacy

Today, people are taking more steps than ever before to protect their privacy online, with 73% reporting using online services that use high data protection, such as encrypted email and privacy-protecting search engines. At the same time, we know that data is needed to provide consumers with useful information, and relevant advertising. Data helps shape meaningful and memorable messages that enhance online experiences, while enabling marketers to reach the right customers.

In 2022, marketers need to focus on developing a data protection strategy that is customer-centric. This means rethinking how to reach and measure audiences, so that people feel in control and able to manage the data they share.

Building trust takes time. You can start by being open and honest about how you collect personal information from your customers, using that data to propose ads that are valuable to them, and giving users control over their data.
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Trend n°3: An eco-friendly approach is essential

The vast majority of people say that sustainability is more important today than it was before the pandemic. People expect brands to lead the way in making sustainability more manageable in their daily lives.

For example, Google introduced green options on Google Maps, which offer sustainable travel routes by default. As for Adidas, the brand announced that its famous Stan Smith shoes are now made from recycled polyester.

The goal is to show people how your company tackles sustainability issues, such as reducing waste created by increased deliveries and returns, or using recyclable materials for your products. People are very aware of this, and they are increasingly appreciating environmentally responsible brands.

Trend n°4: The growth of social selling

Social media platforms are increasingly embracing e-commerce and social selling. Instagram, for example, has launched new shopping features to offer a more seamless shopping experience, without leaving the app. According to HubSpot and Talkwalker, 70 percent of shopping enthusiasts now turn to the platform to discover new products. In this sense, social selling is becoming the new centerpiece of online marketing.

In 2022, brands will have to rethink their buying journey to take advantage of the opportunities of different platforms.

Trend n°5: The rise of metaverse and virtual reality

The metaverse refers to a mix between the physical world, and augmented and virtual reality. Still unknown a few years ago, the metaverse is rapidly gaining momentum. This catch-all term combines subsets of technologies and merges them into a single entity. Brands were already slowly moving toward virtual reality when COVID-19 arrived. Along with the crisis came an increased need for online socialization and interaction.

With the video game industry leading the way, digital reality exploded thanks to its ability to connect people in a world of limited personal interaction. Whether it’s virtual fitting rooms, digital dating, or augmented reality-based filters and features for your social media channels, it’s increasingly clear that VR and the metaverse have a bright future ahead.

Trend n°6: Influencer marketing is reaching maturity

Over the past decade, influencers have gained popularity thanks to the impact of their messages, and the strong and privileged ties they have with Internet users. With the pandemic and the emergence of platforms like TikTok, their communities have expanded and their role has been redefined, turning them into an essential part of the e-commerce pipeline. Indeed, the study reveals that 60% of consumers now condition their purchases according to influencers’ recommendations.

From this point of view, influencers are a major marketing lever. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take the right reflexes to properly exploit the opportunities of influencer marketing. First of all, it is essential to clearly define your objectives, whether they concern the engagement rate or exposure. In any case, it is important that the selected influencer is in line with the brand’s image and values.

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