Don’t miss these 10 tips for a successful Google AdWords Campaign

Google Adwords

Two weeks ago Eminence was presenting you 11 digital trends for a skyrocketing Marketing Strategy 2019. Today, we would like to give you an insight into the use of Google AdWords.

The success of Google AdWords is happening when the comprehensive package of website, target audience and useful extensions is systematically optimised.

  1. Respect the search intention of your audience

Before you start a Google AdWords campaign you need to find out about the interests and search intention of your target audience:

  • What are the Keywords your target audience is using to search for your products or services?
  • What kind of solution and what additional benefit they wish to receive (purchase motivation)?
  • What are the personal characteristics of your target audience?
  • What is the display format (text, image, video, Podcast) your target audience prefers?


The more information you collect in advance, the more specific you can undertake the configurations for your Google AdWords advertising.

  1. Three factors for a thoughtful Google AdWords Campaign

A campaign with AdWords develops their optimal effect, if the target audience, Keywords and landing page are appropriately aligned with the Google AdWords. You should define the following factors:

  1. Characteristics of your target audience
  2. Relevant Keywords
  3. Relevant content of your landing page


  1. Avoid cost traps

The price of your ads in Google AdWords is calculated according to the CPC (Cost per Click) procedure. This means, that costs are generated only after the click on your ads.

In order to keep the overview, we suggest determining a daily budget and a maximal requirement. With the Keyword-Planer of Google AdWords you can get an orientation in terms of the price. The actual amount of your AdWords costs is influenced by various factors on a daily basis:

  • Choice of your Keywords: Depending on the competitive situation, certain Keywords are more expensive than others. A lot of competitors means higher costs. We recommend choosing only Keywords that fit with your offer and are not too generic. You should also pay attention to exclude certain search-terms (in particular negative terms) to which you don’t want your ad to appear.
  • Size of your quality factor: In AdWords it is not always the competitor with the highest offer who wins the requested ad placement. Your calculated CPC can be actually lower if your quality factor is higher than the one of your competitor. The optimisation of your quality factor can help you to make your CPC more commercial.
  • Timing of your ad placement: The CPC aligns according to the strength of demand. Depending on the moment your target audience is searching, the CPC can vary according to time or season. You should check the performance statistics of your Keywords during the day and regulate the offers with the Keyword Planner at certain times every day. You should also consider seasonal variations and adapt your offers appropriate.
  • Positioning of your ad: If you always want to finish first you need to take into account higher CPCs’ and therefore need to plan a more extensive budget. In general, smaller or medium-sized companies with fewer budgets won’t target the position 1 in the search engine results. For positions in the midfield, the ad placement is more favourable. Often, online clients also check the secondary offers.


  1. A plus for your account: optimisation through the quality factor

Google AdWords is disclosing for your Keywords a value as quality factor on a scale from 1 to 10. You need to take into consideration that your Google AdWords is corresponding to the requirements of relevance and user-experience. In the calculation of the quality factors you have among other things the following criteria:

  • Expected click rate
  • Relevance of the ad
  • User experience on the landing page.


In your AdWords account you can analyse the calculated quality factors for your selected Keywords. You can see the size of the quality factor per Keyword and in addition you receive a rating of the expected click rate and the relevance of the ad. You also receive valuable impulses to improve the quality factor in a targeted way.

  1. How to choose your Keywords for Google AdWords

Keywords are pricey and have to be chosen carefully. We recommend combining general Keywords with precise Keywords. Therefore you can call brands and types in addition to your Keyword. Concretise your choice more, for example with:

  • Popular attributes (favourable, reduced, online)
  • Calls to action (buy, order, compare)
  • Purchase incentives (quick delivery or with trusted shop guaranty)


  1. Customer Journey and Google AdWords

The term “Customer Journey” describes the way of a client from his first purchase wish until the conclusion of the contract. On this journey there are a lot of “Touchpoints” between your company, your offer or business, your website and the prospect (potential buyer). Through Google AdWords you can influence the course of the journey by drawing the attention of a prospect to your offer. Stay tuned and redirect him on a landing page that offers an attractive solution for his search query and increase your range by using different channels to create “Touchpoints”, for example through Social Media. To get some important tips on how the Customer Journey for the visitors of your website is running you can consult the Conversion-Tracking of Google AdWords.

=>> Customer Journey Map: what is it and why is it important to create it?
  1. Everything at a proper time: restricted connection for Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows you to choose over the webplanner, when and how often your ad will be shown. Choose this function when you know the preferred online time of your target audience. Further reasons for a limited connection of Google AdWords are:

  • If your offer includes a telephone consultation, but the phone is only occupied temporarily.
  • If you use other ad channels and wish to have a time frame.
  • If offers of your company are retrieved more/less on certain days or time of day.


  1. The location specific campaign with Google AdWords

Regional limited services can be presented via Google AdWords in a location specific campaign – for example for delivery services, consulting services or hotels.

The regional Marketing of Google AdWords you define per country, town or region. This is how you become more attractive for clients who are looking for regional offers. At the same time you can reduce the budget, as the ad is only shown at geographical relevance.

  1. Google AdWords ad enhancements

An optimisation of your location specific ad placement you can achieve with the local expansion tool of Google AdWords – for example to show users of Google Maps your location. You can extend your company details with a phone number or a location plan. Also sitelinks (subpages) or ratings, Apps or Rich Snippets can be shown. However the ad enhancement requires a bit of time and there is no guarantee that Google will show these enhancements.

  1. Copywriting and editing

One look, one click – this is the ideal case for your ad placement.

To motivate prospects, content-relevant conciseness and relevance are required. Google AdWords should offer short and sweet purchase arguments and needs to have at least one Main-Keyword in the Headline. Our agency can help you to establish an extensive Audit in order to reach successfully your target audience.