How to establish an effective lead generation strategy?

How to establish an effective lead generation strategy?

At Eminence, our digital experts take a look at how you can generate qualified leads and meet your client’s expectations by using the right techniques and applying the right strategy. 

What is lead generation?   


A lead is a person who has shared personal information with you and who has expressed an interest in the products or services that your company offers 

In this way, lead generation is about finding unique ways to attract potential customers to your company by providing them with targeted offers and content. So that they then express an interest in your brand and have a positive opinion on it. In order to successfully do this, you can use various web marketing techniques such as the creation of premium content and use of resources, SEO referencing, emailing, social media, blog posts, etc. 


How do you qualify a lead? 


To determine the quality of a lead, you need to gather as much information about them as possible. This information must be sufficient and relevant enough to enable you to know if the products or services you offer actually appeal to your leads 

Collecting information: The Basics  

  • Full name: It is essential to have this information to then be able to personalize your communication with potential leads.
  • E-mail address: This allows your company to communicate with a potential lead through e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Company Name: This information is particularly useful in the B2B industry. It allows you to understand from which sector the lead is coming from and how your products or services could appeal to them.
  • Job Position: This is information that is again, mainly useful for the B2B industry. It allows you to determine how to communicate with a lead based on their role in a company. Especially as they will be more responsive to one message over another, depending on their level in the company.
  • Country: This geographic information allows you to qualify a lead and to direct them to the relevant sales team. 



Effective lead generation techniques  


There are several aspects that are important to consider when you want to generate quality leads including:  

  • The visitor: This a person who has discovered your company through one of the marketing channels. For example, searching online, directly on the website, blog or social media. On these digital channels it therefore essential that your company has a clear Call to Actions on these pages to guide the visitor.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): This may take the form of a button or an engaging message that invites the visitor to take action. When it comes to lead generation, this action will direct the visitor to a dedicated landing page.
  • Dedicated Landing Page: This is a web page that has a clear objective and aimed at visitors. This type of page can have different purposes; however, it is generally used to collect leads via forms.
  • Forms: These are usually embedded on the dedicated landing pages, although they can also be placed on any page of a website. They are used to collect information on visitors in exchange for content.
  • Offers: Exclusive content that isoffered” on the landing page. This offer must be sufficiently pertinent for the visitor to take action. 

Once these elements are in place, a company can then use its various promotional channels to distribute links and attract web visitors to these landing pages so as to start collecting leads.    

It is important to keep in mind that if a prospect has never visited your website before, your approach will be different to a lead. What is more, it is important to take into account leads that have not opted to receive company communications, as they are also more likely to mark your email as spam. This can in turn damage your company’s reputation and image.   

This is why it is important to have a solid the inbound marketing methodology that allows you to generate leads in a natural way, enabling leads to express a genuine interest in your company. 


The key steps to a successful lead generation strategy

  • Analyze your target audience  

A successful lead generation strategy begins with your target audience. For this you need to work on yourbuyer personas“. You need to understand their behaviors, interests, expectations, objectives and buying criteria in order to offer them appropriate content and in turn attract them to your company.  

  • Define your conversion and lead generation campaign objectives  

You need to be clear about your conversion objectives: when do you consider a visitor to have become a lead? What action must a visitor perform on your site to be considered a lead? You will also need to define your key campaign objectives. 

  • Establish your content strategy  

To generate leads, your content strategy is very important. This is because quality content allows you to attract web visitors to your site. Some content, such as white papers, for example, can help to ensure your brand reputation and demonstrate your expertise in your field. 

What is more, it is very important that you communicate this information on your platforms. For example, on social media as well as on email and ad campaigns in order to gain visibility and increase your brand awareness 

  • Collaborate with your sales teams  

It is important to work closely with your sales teams so as to agree upon the maturity of a lead and a lead’s life cycle. This is important to take into consideration when setting up lead scoring for example.   

  • Performance analysis  

You need to analyze the performance of your lead generation campaigns and ensure they are aligned with your goals, your content strategy. You must also regularly review your conversion funnel. From this you will be able to further refine your buyer personas based on the data you have collected.   

In conclusion, to launch a successful lead strategy, you need to offer quality content that will appeals to your visitors, ensure you have CTAs and forms in place to collect data from your leads. It is also important to qualify your leads. Make sure you are using the right tools to entice and generate leads such as free trials, white papers, etc. Be sure to qualify your leads with the help of your dedicated landing pages and lastly be sure to prioritize your leads via lead scoring and according to their level of engagement.   

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