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Key performance indicators, also known as KPIs, are crucial when it comes to monitoring and managing your company’s performance. It is important to select the right KPIs to monitor as this will help to optimize the performance of your sales and your marketing strategy. For optimal management, KPIs must be tailored to your business sector and regularly updated.

Eminence can help you to assess and analyze your web marketing strategy and tracking. This will help you, in turn, to ensure that you have your best chances in the digital sphere of getting a high return on investment, or ROI.

Here are some examples of the different types of KPIs that we can monitor:

  • Website Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Behavior
  • Brand
  • Conversions
  • Content quality
  • Analysis of the importance of social media on your global strategy
  • Social media performance
  • Emailing
  • Ad performance
  • Return on investment

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How does Eminence identify your relevant digital KPIs?

Step 1: Identify your business objectives and adapt them to your digital strategy

A business strategy is based primarily on key objectives. These must be set according to your company’s top priorities. They must take into account your competitive environment and your business sector which will have to be analyzed. These aspects will help you establish your overall goals. We can help you to list and prioritize them during a brainstorming session together. This will enable us to identify the short- and medium-term objectives for growth, then applied to a personalized digital media plan.

Step 2: Define your KPIs and ensure they align with your overall objectives

When it comes to digital media, it is possible to measure and analyze the behavior of an online user. However, in order to track the right data, key objectives and goals must first be established. The KPIs that we will define together depend on the objectives of your company’s initial digital project. This will allow us to evaluate your digital performance and align the data tracking. From this, we can analyze, monitor, and optimize your marketing and digital communication campaigns. Then, we will determine which factors to analyze and consider as representative of the success of your marketing and digital communication campaigns.

Step 3: Set up tangible KPIs

This step consists of detailing the actions to be deployed so that your digital strategy can reach the set KPIs. These actions must be consistent with the target audiences you want to reach. This is why we will collect data in order to identify the relevant audience segments to attract. We will then create personalized content that meets the expectations of your target audience. The channels will be selected based on the users’ behaviors to enhance the customer experience throughout the entire journey.

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Why choose Eminence?

Once the digital strategy is in place, your website audiences have been carefully segmented according to their behaviors, your media plan has been established, and all your tracking, retargeting, awareness and acquisition campaigns have been launched, we can measure the performance of the set KPIs. We measure them based on four main points: the number of contacts generated, brand loyalty, return on investment, and potential per customer.

We also create a personalized dashboard that tracks your performance in real-time. This allows us to monitor and optimize the KPIs of your digital strategy. From this dashboard, we can determine your ROI by analyzing budget spends and key actions taken on your website.

In order to make a difference for your present and future success, we carefully select KPIs that match the digital objectives of your company, be it to build customer loyalty, promote a new product or service, increase traffic to your site, etc. The selection of KPIs will help you to identify the possible strengths and weaknesses of your digital strategy, and can in turn boost your overall performance.

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