Manage your clinic’s brand online !

Branding your clinic necessarily involves your doctors, your care, your establishment, your design, your facilities and medical equipment. Hundreds of patients visit you every day, so you should ensure that there is always a smiling person to welcome them, and all the care procedure is respected to ensure professional experience and win confidence of your patients.

But have you  the same requirements for your internet presence? Did you set up adequate communication strategy to convey a quality brand image?

1-Build your brand image:

Branding is the positive or negative perception of others on the self. To give an opinion, it must first be visible.

Being visible on the web, means that you have a website that presents people connected to your clinic. But in the world of Web 2.0, website is not enough, we must tap into other resources such as social networks, keeping a blog or online advertising.

Depending on your goals and your communication plan, the first step in building its brand image in order to  make the right choices:

  • What is the message I want to convey?
  • What are the arguments to put forward?
  • How to convey my message positively and objectively?
  • Where is my target? How does it react on the web?

By answering these questions and choosing the right words and right visuals, you will succeed in building your brand image through the web and hold it.

2-Improve the brand image :

As a clinic, you know that medical equipment are constantly evolving through research, medical technological progress and innovation. You also know that a doctor-patient relationship must be maintained, it is important to ensure that patients receive the best treatment are blooming even in the most difficult moments and especially that they are confident

On the Internet, we  must think the same way and ask the good questions so that visitors on your website or your Facebook page, are able to say that you are trustworthy and that your professional experience makes of your clinic a reference .

Taking your website user experience we will talk and corporate marketing content and if we take your social platforms, we will talk about community management and social media strategy.

  • Manage the brand image of the clinic through its website :

You are a service provider, your duty is therefore to provide the necessary care to sick patients, by giving favorable conditions for the arrival of a newborn or reassuring a patient talking about your treatments and  equipment in an emergency or in case of serious diseases. The purpose of your website is to be able to transmit this message and promote your brand across the web. So we talk about user experience, usability and satisfaction.

Manage its Clinical brand image through its social platforms:

Social media is where we can be closer to patients, to advise accompany them, share their joys and  sorrows and experiences. Social platforms are a major asset for a clinic that wants its patients to be faithful to its services and wishes to maintain its brand image.

If you want to rely on your expertise, skills, your doctors, surgical practices, you can create your own blog. The blog is perfectly suited for communication objectives of a clinic and releases valuable benefits enhancing your brand image.

3- Check your clinic brand image:

In life there is always the good and bad side of things and on the Internet, especially through social networks, the content is quickly shared. For this, we  establish processes for monitoring. You must take risks and respond quickly . For this the establishment of a system of monitoring and online reputation is essential to ensure your brand image. Competition is fierce, clinics are increasing in number and it is the quality of service that counts the most . If you care about your clinic branding and you want to improve maintain and redirect it, contact us.

Eminence  proposes the following services:

  • Branding
  • Social Networks Strategy
  • User experience
  • E-monitoring and online reputation